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wld u seek partial refund for bad hair perm

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  • wld u seek partial refund for bad hair perm

    hi gals

    2 weeks ago decided to visit my hair salon to get a updated look - hair has grown out of my jap perm curls done almost a yr ago.

    stylist recommended ceramic perm as curls last longer, bouncy look and its chemicals less harsh on hair. so i decided to go for it & the stylist mentioned after cut & wash, he'll check the tension of my hair when it wet & see if its healthy enough to do perm (colored my hair few mths back in July at his salon also), if unhealthy then just do hair treatment. my main concern is do not want anything to damage my hair, i finally have healthy hair after trimming off the dry ones for months and take special care by religiously doing hair treatment at home once a week.

    stylist checked & said its healthy to perm so went ahead. curls look fine when i left the salon but just one day after washing curls became so relaxed... scheduled & visited the hair salon a week ltr seeking the stylist's comments. he just mentioned must be "my hair's too hard" & redid my perm again (not ceramic this time)... before he proceeded i asked if it will damage my hair if re-perm again within such short period of time. they assured it wont. now 1 week ltr after the re-perm, my hair is frizzy, curls not defined (like its been done 9mths or 12 mths ago). its worst then before . i'm very mad with him & wants to seek partial refund from him for the terrible job done plus not to mentioned the damage to my hair texture... i feel very shortchanged especially when over past months i've even recommended quite a few friends to the salon. shld i demand for the refund? (ttl paid $200+, i'm just expecting half refund)

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    which salon did you visit?


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      I heard of re doing it again, but i don't think they practise refund. If he/she is your regular hair stylist then would be easier to come to terms with, if not, sorry to say that you might have to face it and repair your hair for some time. And i think you will not be patroning them again right.

      Sometimes is hard to gauge how much to refund, even when we can our refund our anger will not subside too. That's why salon always say depends on yr hair, we cannot guarantee this and that.... Dear gal, bear over the hard time, and repair yr hair asap.


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        poor gal... don't think it is possible that the salon will refund u... maybe u can go and demand for a few free hair treatments instead... and keep insisting that its their fault cause they will find ways and means to blame it on your hair texture..


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          Talk abt a bad perm.

          I permed my hair abt 5 weeks ago. The stylist refused to do a ceremic for me, claiming that it will damaged my hair. I dont know if that's the case. But the lotion perm was not too gentle to my hair either.
          Now my hair is frizzy!

          On top of that, after 5 weeks, the curls became so relaxed, its almost like straight hair. Someone told me that rebonded hair can only take ceremic/ or digital perm, not the normal lotion ones. Then how come this stylist dont know abt this?


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            I had a bad perm as well.
            I did a jap perm, but it was so relax 1 week after, that i went to seek refund/redo. my hair is like totally straight. no waves, much less mention curls. I didn't rebond my hair before either.
            So coincidentally, the shop was undergoing renovation, so the creative director, the one who did my hair, called me to go down 2 weeks later. I said why not to redo for me at the other branch since she will be going there. then she said like not to confuse the client's profile since i was from this branch...

            after 2 weeks, i called again, but she kept putting off.
            i didn't wanted to waste my energy and time and decided never to go there, despite her attending to my sis for years. (and my sis comes back from aust 3 times a year just to have this stylist attending to her hair)
            my hair was damaged after the perm, cos it became drier and thinner...

            i am so so angry, that i want to rant....
            so sorry for being rather irrelevant.


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              For my case, I did not go back to the salon again. My hair is already damaged, I dont want to subject myself to another round of it. BEsides, I dont trust him to do anything more things to my hair.

              I think this stylist talks too much, thinks he knows a lot about hair styling and techniques, but his skills just doesnt match up to it.

              Just have to rant to let it out!


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                i think under this kind of circumstances, i will protest to case and i dont care if i spen more money than i spend for my perm, i will want back what rightfully belongs to me.


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                  I just did my perm yesterday.. Now I'm so scare my perm will be gone. Mummy~~

                  Cause after I wake up from my nap yesterday.. my hair flaten abit le.. I got a feeling the curl will be gone soon~

                  And after perm, u can't wash hair for 2 days.. So as to let the chemical get into ur hair or something..
                  I better buy some curl holding leave-on treatment..I also think.. some people's hair just can't hold any style well, like my hair.. too thin and layered.

                  How come u all didn't mention the salon name and stylish name? So we can avoid.. hehe.. My salon, i dun know yet.. see how my hair goes before i say more..


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                    I had a horrible hair perm recently! looked like a fried poodle with maggi mee hair ***! Chopped it off to short hair after that! Damn angry with the stylist but he dun give refund. I had to go around with frizzy hair instead of nice big curls like I wanted.

                    So girls, be careful before you decide to perm...heard a lot of horror stories from friends too...


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                      In the end.. i quite like my a bit messy curl look.. more volume.. wasn't so bad.. after washing hair.. the curl will be back.. perm or rebond the hair sure dry 1 ma..


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                        I seldom heard of refunds in salons but I suppose I will if they offered.


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                          Perm hair will damange hair no matter how good the chemical is, better use hair tong.


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                            hey girls. can your tell the name of the salon in which you had bad perms please. i really need to knoow as i am thinking of perming my hair too.
                            if not comfortable in saying on this thread, can PM me the salon name. thanks.


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                              I once had a bad perm, they dyed and permed my hair TWICE in a row on the same day because after the first time, no curls. My hair was FRIED.

                              I went back the next day and demanded for a refund. They gave me 50% back (I paid about $200 so I got $100 back) and the boss also promised me free treatments until my hair is better. I went for a free treatment and I forgot what treatment it was, it was SO GOOD. My hair was a lot better after just one treatment. After that Im shy to go back, so I didnt.

                              If you cant get a $ refund, demand for free treatments. Afterall its their fault, they're professionals and should know better.