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  • Dashing Diva Nail Spa and Boutique

    Any customer from here? Said to be the largest new york based nail spa in sg. More on this chain:

    - Bar stocks over 50 types of non - alcoholic and alcoholic drinks.
    - Claim Beyonce Knowles, Jennifer Aniston as regulars in NY.
    - 15 uniformed nail technicians trained in NY.
    - 30 manicure and pedi packages which includes 6 for men and 5 for girls under the age of 12. :wow:
    - Range from $30 for a basic manicure to $105 for a all out diva pedicure.

    Any cotters who have tried it, pls post comments. Thanks

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    our local one not so fantastic imo. our CS standard is simply gettign nowhere. was like trailed by SA, they have too much floor staff imo. my friend was being bugged to have her fingers painted. Please l.ah, not everyone on this beautiful planet must have their fingers painted, why make it sound so bad when one has naked nails their n/p are going at 18 a pop

    sorry, me was ranting away will not step in again.


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      Oh another trying to be beautiful externally but who knows is rotting inside This is what i thought initially, nail technician being trained by New York expert, so what, i think our local CS needs to be improved. So sad to learnt from news that our CS is one of the low standard ones

      Now we can see how powerful the word of mouth can be, i'll give it a miss then.


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        pop in & take a look, maybe just an isolated incident for my case midst of bad CS, sure got good CS too. don't be deter by my case, go! give them an opportunity to serve u.


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          Bad CS or no CS at all. Called the place several times within 2 hrs time frame in the late morning last week and no one picked up the phone. It went to the voicemail, and voicemail was full! How do they do business, I wonder.


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            Have a nice day
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              yea they seem to be constantly busy, i tried calling several times as well & couldn't get through. Apparently they're full because of the promo they're doing with The Singapore Women's Weekly till end Oct...


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                Originally posted by rupz
                CS is??? i heard from my friends they have ladies night. or something.
                CS aka Customer service


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                  gals.. I do my nails quite often.. Almost Every 2 weeks.. I just wanted to try them out.

                  The Staff was firstly very rude.. As if they were the customer! And their service.. Honestly.. Been done better.

                  And they are so damm expensive!!! At least if they are expensive.. at least make it seem worth spending.. =(

                  This is my 1 cent worth.. Dont' visit them... not worth your MONEY.


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                    I've took up the Her World promotion at Dashing Diva, Buy manicure and get pedicure free.

                    It cost me $50 to do the manicure and $10 extra for the french.

                    The CS is polite but not at all friendly, actually they are a bit snorbish. The manicure is not as great as they advertised "The best manicure in New York". If that was the best manicure in New York, I think they should send their manicurist for training in Singapore because I've had better. The result was ok but I must admit that i love the shine!

                    One plus point is that they bothered to offer me some water, it wasn't Thursday so no free cosmopolitan.

                    The pedicure was ok (like I said, I've had better). There is still some hard skin on my feet. They would explain to me the things that they are using on my hands and feet (fancy names, didn't feel much difference though) in a "I really doubt that you would understand" tone.

                    Maybe I'm getting old or something, (hahaha) but the loud music doesn't serve to relax me.


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                      walk past the store last week, the gals in there seems very struck up.. doesn't leave a good impression. and with all the negative reviews here, don't think i will step in there...


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                        actually i don't think they are all that bad. i had a relaxing diva pedicure there on friday. even though i didn't make an appointment, i managed to get a slot at 6pm when i asked them at 4pm. the service was not bad, i enjoyed the pedicure, the atmosphere and the girl who attended to me was really nice as well. however, i won't go there again because i think its too expensive to patronise them constantly, maybe just a treat once in a blue moon. i still want to try out other places!


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                          Hmm..went Dashing Diva 3 times, and i ****** like it's not as bad as *** u all said..well i not judge a person's character or service before even trying it out personally...for my case...i had a good experience and time there...staffs are friendly..coz i've been to other small nail salon..dun ****** find it comfortable there..maybe too cramp or shop too small..the small of nail polish and remover is too strong...


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                              I've just went for a menicure last week, realize that the staffs there are very friendly and customer service seems good too. Although the price is abit higher than other nail salon but it is definately worth the cost becoz of the high standard service & cosy ambience.