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    Saw on the taiwan tv... glittering eyeliner... i have been looking for it long time ago, but don't seem to find it. Does anyone knows what brand carry it and where can I find it?

    Thank you.

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    MAC has a great collection of glitter eyeliners


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      Great! Will check it out tomorrow.


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        My reviews on the latest MAC glitter liners! So pretty!

        Pardon my scaly skin.

        Left to right: Spunsilver, Glamourgold, Mercuric, Saucepot, Pinkphonic, Peacocky

        The picture don't do them justice.

        My personal favourites are peacocky, glamourgold, spunsilver, mercuric. I don't really like saucepot somehow and pinkphonic is okie (almost similar to gold/silver). For the base colours, only peacocky and saucepot shows up clearly.

        I must say that the brush is soooo fine (think thinner than Shu 2R), it's perfect for lining even the innermost corner of your eye! Of course, you must have steady hands!


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          the make up store also have..very nice too..


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            I got my maiden glitter eyeliner from... da-daaaaaa... MISSHA!!!

            It's a cheap alternative to the major makeup brands, should cost you less than $10. Good to try this one out to see if glitter e/l is something for you.

            Mine is the clear white with glitters. I applied my usual eyeliner eg. T&T glitter e/l or MAC fluidlines, and apply the glitter eyeliner last for a more intensified look.



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              i like kate glitter eyeliner, and missha too. mac one smudges on me..and im too cheapo to buy mac keke.


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                missha has glitter liners? what colours do they come in.

                right now i'm too cheapo to buy mac too. [blush]


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                  Missha has, think abt 5 colors to choose from. IIRC it?s $7.90 each. Good price so you can get all the colors. LoL!

                  I got the clear one which I think is more versatile. I apply this over my usual eyeliners, and viola, you got a new color there! Coool and so friendly to the pocket.


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                    the taiwan show you refering is "Nu Ren Wo Zui Da"? i saw that and the glitter pencil they using is Chic Choc... white base with color stripes... not available in spore...


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                      Thanks everyone!

                      wow didn't know so many places selling glitter eyeliner.

                      anyone has anymore photo to share on the glitter eyeliner?

                      So on the list we have...
                      1) Mac
                      2) MISSHA
                      3) KATE (where can I find KATE?)


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                        you can find kate at og i think.


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                          I've tried MAC glitter eyelinerr before, but quite disappointed with the results. The glitters are obvious, but you won't get much colour, so I have to line my eyes first, and top them with the MAC glitter liner.

                          Bobbi Brown's new glitter gel liner has excellent texture, but the glitters are much more subtle. So my quest for the perfect one continues...


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                            anyone tried missha glitter eyeliner in silver before? is it nice? my white one will take ages to finish but im tempted to try the ones in silver! a little goes a long way and i use them like only once a week? keke


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                              Yeah, i vote for MAC Peacocky glitter eyeliner, Bobbi Brown chocolate shimmer eyeliner & the Missha ones, which are cheap & good!

                              I'm also using this double-ended shimmer eyeliner (aqua/white) from The Body Shop, that was sold sometime back.. It's more shimmery than glittery, so i find it more wearable for daytime! I like it so much that i went to buy a spare one during the recent TBS warehouse sale so that i'll still have stock of it in case mine runs out (since it's no longer sold in TBS stores anymore IIRC).