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  • Cleansing Lotions

    hey all, i searched but i couldnt find a similar thread. what do you cotters think about cleansing lotions? MUA has really good review on the Nivea one (which i just purchased today).

    Also, after cleansing, what steps should you take? should you just tone and moisturise, or should you re-wash your face with a facial foam? cleansing lotions tend to make me feel like i havent really cleaned my face yet.

    do you think that cleansing lotions are a good makeup remover? the SA said that the lotion could remove makeup. But im afraid of clogged pores in the long run if makeup isnt totally cleared.

    anyone? TIA!

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    personally - cleansing lotions, cleansing gels, cleansing oils all fall into the same category for me. if i use them, i will still wash my face again with a mild cleanser and follow up with toner and all the other stuff. how effective they are at removing makeup really depends on which product/brand/etc you're talking about - but in general, they are able to remove makeup properly.


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      no matter how mild, i always get 'bitten' by cleansing lotion/milk

      yes, do double cleansing is safer, maybe use a mild foam so as not to stripe more oil of face


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        what mild foams do you ladies suggest? one that is mild enough after using cleansing lotions.


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          i've been using niks ultrafine soothing cleansing lotion lots of raves for it, check out the niks or maple clinic thread

          you would get used to the "not clean" feeling after awhile. dr ong also said that since it's a cleansing lotion, you don't need to use that much and i use it both on wet & dry faces but feels that it's better when used on a dry face

          i do double cleanse when i wear makeup though!


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            cleansing milk and oil definitely both require double cleansing (cleansing with a facial foam after). For cleansing gel, i don't think i'll double cleanse.

            I do like to use cleansing milk, was using them for years, it cleanses just as well as anything else if you don't use waterproof mascara. i only switched to cleansing oil because for some reason i started using waterproof mascara after years of avoiding it.


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              Cleansing lotion serves to remove make up. Cleansing lotion/oil are deep cleansing agents, hence some beauty advisors may advise you that it is unnecessary to double cleanse your skin. However, if you have oily skin with large pore, it is good to follow up with a facial wash after cleansing lotion. If you have dry skin, recommend to use a mild facial wash for double cleansing. After that, tone and moisturise your skin. I used to use L'oreal cleansing milk, been working well for me. Recently tried Simple cleansing lotion -- very good and gentle on my skin. For facial cleanser/wash, I like Clarins' Gentle Foaming Cleanser. Love the smell.


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                My vote for a good & affordable cleansing lotion goes to Neutrogena's Deep Clean cleansing lotion. It removes even waterproof mascara well & leaves my skin supple & moisturised. But i do double cleansing after that still, just to err on the safe side.


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                  I have tried the neutrogena one...and i do like it...but stop cos got to finish my fancl one..

                  neutrogena is gentle on skin and removes makeup cleanly..
                  however, i feel its not quite suitable for the eyes do get sting sometimes..
                  instead, i do not feel that with fancl's.
                  but i'll recommend neutrogena stil...affordable too


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                    I'm more used to using cleansing lotion/cream to remove makeup and sunblock, and I always use a cotton pad to wipe them off before rinsing with water and facial cleanser.
                    Do I have to wipe really hard with the cotton pad to remove the lotion/cream? When I wipe off the lotion/cream lightly, it makes me feel like it isn't clean enough. (my cleansing cream is rather thick) But I'm also afraid that if I wipe it hard in the long term, it'll stretch my skin and will be prone to loose and wrinkly skin..
                    Any suggestions?


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                      i use cleansing lotion to remove makeup and sunscreen.and followed by daily cleanser,toner,moisturiser.
                      i have been using for mths,so far so clog pores.
                      i use it twice to remove all my makeup.

                      you have to wipe in a up ward motion.this way you wont pulled down your skin and no need to wipe very hard.


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                        Neutrogena deep clean cleansing lotion will be a good choice if you are on a budget.. I find that it's more for face makeup rather than eye makeup..


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                          neutrogena cleansing lotion and loreal cleansing milk are my fav...or u can try cleansing water like missha clear cleansing water or clarins one step purifying water. They are good for oily and combi skin.


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                            i like to use cleansing milk in the morning....i got hooked when i was using Sothy's Normalizing milk...but very had to look for cheaper alternative...till date, couldn't find any that match it.

                            currently using TBS Cucumber cleansing milk...i think it acts to remove light makeup and dirt...
                            but as i use in the morning, its more to remove dirt and night cream....cos its milk, its more gentle on is not as tight as facial foam....

                            i'll try the aloe range next.


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                              If you are worry about clogged pore, you can even do triple cleansing. Wipe with cleansing facial wipe, follow by makeup removal lotion/milk/oil, and lastly with normal facial cleanser.