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Despite Using 2-way Foundation..

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  • Despite Using 2-way Foundation..

    Hello, I'm a newbie here. Would like to ask a question here. I am currently putting make-up on. I'm using a two-way foundation, waterproof mascara and eye liner. I use make-up remover for only my eyes. For the two-way cake, I simply used cotton wool to scrub (gently) my face, especially my cheeks clean. I do this 2 times. For the first time, I soak cotton wool in plain water and scrub my face. This gets out most of the foundation. Then, I dab a little of my facial cleanser onto parts of my face and scrub again. Then I rinse my whole face. Lastly, I wash my face again with my facial cleanser with cotton wool until there are no more dirt and make-up.

    I would like to know if this is okay because my friend advised me to get a make-up remover. I'm worried about using make-up remover because I've heard that some people have pimple breakouts and whatnots when they use make-up remover. As a result, it spoiled their skin. (I must emphasize that I do know there are good brands out there but there's still the fear). I am ready to use make-up remover if it is indeed advisable for me to do so. The method that I use above, is highly effective as my skin is thoroughly cleaned and I do not suffer any pimple breakouts the next day.

    Fast replies are appreciated. Thanks.

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    Hello cashew! Welcome to CC

    I think there have been queries like yours and there is a discussion about makeup removers here



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      Hi Cashew,

      Welcome to CC. Hope you will like it here. If you find that your current method of cleansing suits you fine, and that it is highly effective for you, why change?

      There may be a right way as to how to cleanse your face properly but everybody's skin type is different and thus will react differently too. If you already have a suitable way, I think it is best to not disturb the equilibrum.

      However, if you are curious to try a cleansing milk or makeup remover, you can always try out an all-natural product such as dermalogica/decleor/phytomer.

      Just my 2 cents worth. Hope it helps.


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        Thanks for the warm welcome. And for the link too. Scanned thru' this thread before posting but there were too many pages.

        Shall not get a make-up remover then. Was initially very afraid that I might be subjecting my skin to serious damage if I don't use a make-up remover to remove my make-up (as everyone I know are using a make-up remover) and instead just relied on my facial cleanser and just water to clean away the make-up. Thanks for your reassurance, Regina.