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Is it a good idea to stock up on perfume or store in the fridge?

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  • Is it a good idea to stock up on perfume or store in the fridge?

    Hi I'm just wondering, is it okay to buy old perfume, as well as stock up on current ones going to be discontinued (Ralph Lauren's Glamorous, anyone?!) perfumes "go off" after a few years? This is especially pertinent to me as I live in tropical climate. Is it okay to store in the fridge? Lastly, I'm thinking of buying perfume online, but the airmail is exorbitant! Should I get it via surface shipping? I'm thinking of the hot, stuffy cargo hole. I'm thinking that the components of the perfume and thus the scent will change.
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    this is plainly my thought, no offense to others...

    i got a bottle of YSL In LOve Again from 1997 the very first edition... totally digged it and collect to slowly deplete it. but over time the colour became more darker( from straw colour to yellow) and the notes kinda wore off... it did not smell like the original and also felt "stickier". maybe the feeling is my imagination???

    and some bottles of EDT i used and left abt half btl on the shelf, when i resume to use them after quite a while, the smell is a bit off also.

    i hear from a SA that the "whole btl" keeps better as there is no "air pocket" as compared to used btl.

    if you leave in SG, i prefer to buy during the sales period, lots of freebies like shower gel and lotions thrown in free... also can ask the SA to give some travel sizes>>>


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      under a certain higher temperature will spoil the original scent and change to another kind of funny scent.


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        I had encountered the same situation as beauticonnexion before.

        I bought a Ferragamo in Year 2001 and depleting fast, thus, decided to keep it as memento (had used 70% of it).

        Guess what, just only last year i decided to recollect my memories on this perfume and when i open the cap, i almost dropped down.. The smell aint same as it used to be and rather sticky too..

        So i concluded that the life span of perfume is ard 4 years or even lesser. Perhaps, environment is one of the factors too.

        So hope my hypothesis is wrong..

        Do anyone know where can i get Gucci Summer? Thanks...In love with it too..


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          I think the average lifespan of a perfume is 2 years. I'm not too sure whether putting it in the fridge would help or not, perhaps you should cosult an SA.


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            I once read somewhere that perfume can only last for 3 years max. HTHS.


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              I never tried keeping them in the fridge before. But perfume do turn bad over the years. The colour of the liquid would turn darker and it will stinks.


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                generally, perfumes are esters which are fragrance chemicals. it's like DNA. sorta. so that gives a distinctive scent to the perfumes, the same way we have a genetic code which is unique.

                anyways, regardless of the concentrations (edp or edt); there's bound to be evaporation cos of the alcohol content. and my belief is that the smell can also get disintegrated by light. heh. no scientific proof though. :p

                so the best place to store them is in a dark, cool place away from sunlight, IN THE ORIGINAL BOX.

                the last condition is very important to me, as i feel it is designed to be the storage place for the perfumes during their shelf period, and should be kept in there. haha. weird, i know, but that works best for me (:

                CASE IN POINT: The first perfume i had, escada sexy graffiti, i threw away the box, and the smell changed within a year. But my bottle of Miracle EDT is still fine, after about 2 years? ((: