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What's your daily makeup pouch/bag like?

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  • What's your daily makeup pouch/bag like?

    tagging onto the thread "What's in your makeup bag?", what kind of bags do you use to store your daily makeup? any pictures to share???

    want to buy one for a bestie and wondering what's a good size and should i look for any internal pockets?

    mods :
    i did a search on this and there is a thread on makeup bag - but that thread refers to the huge makeup boxes for home storage.

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    Really depend on your friend's makeup style. does she touch up when she goes out or only minimal?
    does she carry a large bag?
    i've got a few sizes and use according to my bag size.


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      I bought mine from tea located at Citylink located near the passage way from Citylink to the Esplanade. I thought the design was so floral and cute and reminded me of Paul and Joe's ! I am always on the look out for other designs for makeup bags. I am such a sucker!


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        grin. will try to peek!!!

        does that mean that you will change the amt of stuff you bring depending on the size of your bag? can share what you use please?


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          Originally posted by stilafaux
          I am such a sucker!
          my skincare and makeup items is based on how cute the packaging is!!!
          not a wonder i have lousy skin


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            LOL! I have learnt my lesson well about the cutesy packaging for skincare snowstar!
            Last time I tried so much stuffs until I had a breakout But I am glad it is all okay now

            Yep snowstar, I would change the amount of items which are present in my MU bag and also depending where I am going. No use bringing so much MU if you are heading to the beach right ?
            Most of the things that stay constant in my bag are :

            BB Mini brush set
            Pressed Powder
            Lippie/gloss (depends on what i am set to wear for the day)


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              *** that's quite a lot of least you bring your brushes along..

              now i only have these..

              mac eyeshadow palette(depending on which did i use in the morning)


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                bought a drawstring pouch from Muji..

                - facial blotter
                - pressed powder
                - body n soul lipgloss
                - 2 lipbalms
                - mini comb
                - lipbrush


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                  You can try Le Sports Sac for a start.
                  think the MU bag are quite nice...
                  If you've got the budget, Ferragamo has nice ones...
                  I'm holding on dearly to mine...ha ha..

                  The recent MAC collection's Lippie set has a nice one too!


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                    Mine's a Le Sports Sac storybook series rectangular cosmetic pouch. small but don't be decieved by it's size i can stuff many things inside!


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                      I have 2 makeup bags both by stila. One is the Femme Clutch and the other is the Nordstrom Anniversary with the 3 girls silouhette, I carry a lot of makeup with me, BB compact foundation, loose powder, several lipglosses, and a mascara. The femme clutch is great as it doubles as both a purse and makeup bag.


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                        the Femme Clutch is soooo pretty!!!! i can't belive you can store so much in it!


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                          This is how my makeup pouch looks like... it's my daily staple.


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                            someone pm me with these queries.. hope u don't mind i share with everyone here.

                            "is your makeup pouch a Le Sports Sac rectangular cosmetic pouch?

                            how much did u pay for that? Thanks."

                            It's 6511 Rectangular Cosmetic. Very roomy and spacious and most importantly it's light for everyday travel.

                            Price? around $20+
                            It's a sale item fr the airport around a month ago, but that was the last piece.

                            No worries, LSS has many other nice interesting prints to choose from. I'm sure you will find one that is U.


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                              mine is a simple net zipper pouch from muji.
                              Contains few essential :
                              Givenchy Fluid Foundation
                              Givenchy pressed powder
                              Stila Lipglaze
                              The bodyshop Blusher
                              Blusher brush

                              Thats it!