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different upper and lower lip colour

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  • different upper and lower lip colour

    i have this problem of different upper and lower lip colour. and because of this, i cant apply those lip glosses that are very light in colour, and also unable to achieve those kissable lips look all day long.

    i heard of foundation base for lips before, but don't know where to get those. any cotters here have got any ideas? or other remedies? TIA!

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    hi berryvine, you can just use ordinary liquid foundation. just swipe it over your lips

    either that or get a nude lipliner and use it to fill in the lips before applying lipglosses. hth!


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      try scrubbing your lips everytime you brush your teeth. lightly scrub it using your toothbrush.

      I try to lighten mine by putting whitening cream (for face) on my lips and find that it works! it does not turn rosy pink but it does lighten a fair bit. Don't put on too thick, I only put it on using leftover on my fingers for the face. In addition, don't lick it 'coz the cream may not be edible. I usually only do it during bedtime and my face cream that time was Derma-Rx R cream.


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        really? :wow: i will try to scrub my lips with toothbrush! thanks!