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    i have a upcoming performance on the 26 nov..its a wushu perfrmance..there will be stage lights so its definate i cannot go bare faced..but how do i make sure my makeup sticks even if i sweat and jump around???!!! and what look do i go for? they seem to have a bad habit of streaking when i sweat....

    maybe a more defined eyes and lipgloss?? thanks!!

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    if you have goold complexion and worry about streaking ... I assume you refer to the use of foudation then use none. Put on very mininal blusher, you would have natural flush after some jumping around; then if you want more defined eyes, just line them with smudge proof/water resistenec liner. Finally, I personally think lipstick would be a better choice for your performance. Glossy lips & WuShu... doesn't seem right.

    If you don't have good complexion, then use some mattifying product (some makeup base has mattifying propertiy) on face, follow by concealer, conceal only the required areas, finally mininal foundation ( if you must).



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      lol but it also look horrible bare faced under the stage lightings!


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        Check out MAC's foundations, I think most of their foundations are designed not to streak or fade under hot lights.

        Oops, forgot to add that MUFE is also probably a good bet as well for theatre strength foundations


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          What exactly are you disatisfied about being bare faced under stage lighting? Like looking too pale, or unpolished etc? What do you want to tackle with makeup?

          I'm no expert here but I do know that at least for the colour of the stage lights is going to affect your choice of colours big time. Just went to a circus with bright red lipstick, it got washed out to 'normal' lip colour under the orange/red lighting. So lesson is, good idea to find out what type of lights you'll be exposed to.

          How far will you be away from the audience?

          Do you have fellow performers?

          Had performed for choir before.. some girls wore really light makeup (pale lipgloss *faint*) and they do look 'sickly' on stage.
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            the stage lighting are those colourful orange blue......erm those colourful spotlight kind of thing...

            distance from audience i am not sure..but it will be not be too far neither will it be too near. about average ba..

            yes i have fellow performers, but mostly are guys only 4 other girls including me that is 5

            yea..i look unpolished and pale under that kind of lighting...its eeks...

            MUFE ? sounds familiar..but where can i find this ?

            THAnKS !
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              Since you are worried about looking pale.. it's more important for you to bring up colour. Just have some foundation to grab hold of your coloured m/u. For the sake of the performance as a whole, best if you can persuade your fellow performers to 'doll up' together with you Pat on powder foundation to cut shine and even skin tone, blusher, extras of brows and lipstick for the girls. But I don't think you need to invest in MAC or MUFE to look good

              I'm not for thick foundation myself for practical reasons. I'm not sure if you want to look too made up for a wushu item. It's not photography or filming... my guess is thick foundation won't be that critical, plus you'll be exerting yourself and sweating, better if you don't wear something thick.

              Audience will need to see your features and not look washed out. Take care of your brows, shape, darken and define them. Pile on the blusher and lipstick. You will need to google or get some experts' help (friends in theater or dance ECA can help you) to determine the colour of your blush and lipstick according to the lighting, Like should it be more to red, brown, orange or pink etc.... The only tricky part is how to apply makeup to bring out your eyes... maybe this will be worth a trip down to MAC or SHU of MUFE and get tips from the SA
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                haha! sounds good!!!