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    Anyone try Istrilene Product before ,they have alot of counter in Guardian and their salon was The Spa Lon.
    Last edited by hueyya; 18-11-2005, 06:23 AM.

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    tried its acne cream before. did nothing for me


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      tried their products a few mths back.
      i would rate them 8/10 but price is exxxxx so i switched!!


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        Tried their cleanser (think the cleanser contains cucumber extract or something like that) many years back. Had horrible outbreak especially around my chin area after using it and had to see a doctor to cure my outbreak.


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          I was talked into buying their eye gel. The SA kept stressing that results will definitely show in 14 days' time. Been using it deligently day & night for 14 days already and still see no improvement at all. So pissed off with myself for being so easily swayed by SA. S$70+ gone down the drain...


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            Has anyone tried this product - ISTRILENE, retailing only at Guardian Pharmacy?
            Many years back, I used the Istrilene Collagen-enriched gel which is super-duper good! But due to the high price (S$121.00 for 50ml - 1 size), I have stopped buying it. Thought of using it again, but cannot seems to find this collagen-enriched gel at any bigger guardian stores even though they still Istrilene counters there. I tried calling the distributor and they insisted that they still carry this particular product...wonder why...


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              I tried the istrilene eye cream. It's not greasy. After application, it is soon absorbed into the skin. I'm quite impressed as it's cream texture but got absorbed very fast. As for results, i can't see much. It's good for maintenance and easy application. Oh, it doesn't cause oil seeds.

              I also tried the cooling mask. It's good to cool down my face after squeezing my pimples. However, it's xpensive. You can find another mask that has the similar effects.

              For eye care specialist, you can head to Spa-lon (tiong bahru, eastpoint, chijmes) which sells Talika. Talika eye mask is good. Do see results immediately. Less fine lines, refresh eyes and reduce of dark circles.


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                Anyone tried its anti-cellulite cream gel or neck cream? Need review ***...


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                  i tried this brand years ago, the skincare and also the bust firming thingy (don't know is it still selling) and all no effect on me. it is expensive.
                  with the pricing, i do get better result from other brands. back then, i only know of the simei eastpoint spa lon, didn't know there are 2 more outlets.

                  Purplelily, this collagen-enriched gel is for?


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                    tried their slimming gel, look very promising but not much result as with all slimming gel ......