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    A friend just went to korea and besides missha, the face shop, and Dodo club, there is another brand called Beauty Credit. She bought back some products from beauty credit, and the cosmetics packaging is beautiful!! It has a cute rocking horse design in the middle, with floral designs at the circumference. It has the same feel as anna sui, but at low end prices!
    Rocking horse packaging

    Beauty Credit
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    not bad!! but i think they have more of skincare prdts than makeup prdts... their point makeup range is quite limited. at least its an english friendly site...


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      where does the shop located at? shall go check it out :wow:


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        I saw this in Jeju, and didn't get to see it else where. Lovely shop, has lots of stuff. Tried their lipglosses (forgot what its called), but it was pretty sheer, a little sticky, but lovely shimmers.

        I got their Curling Perm mascara, which really lengthens and holds a curl pretty well. It really is a lengthening mascara, does not volumnize one bit. Should have gotten another of it as back up, as well as the Volume one too.


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          Its not available in Sg for now, only in Korea. But i hope it comes to Sg soon! I really like the packaging...hee


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            Same here, clpersonal! :D Well, a girl can dream right?


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              Oooh....they are very nice !!!!!


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                Beauty Credit

                Hello Ladies:

                Do any of you have tired Beauty Credit ? this is a Korean brand.


                Just want to know about the quality of their skincare products and cosmetic color line. Any good news or bad news you want to share for

                Anyone Tried the Two-Way-Cake?

                Powder Pact?

                Basic Care Normal & Dry Emulsion?


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                  Beauty Credit

                  hi girls!!! e korean wave is here to invade us again!!! now we have a new shop @ vivocity called Beauty Credit!!! its something like missha n TFS..... i already bought stuff there and to e fans of Hyun Bin out there.... he may be coming to spore to do promo!!!!!

                  lets make this thread the next big thing!!!

                  oh btw, beauty credit is now having 15% discount so hurry!!!


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                    *panting* i'm more excited about Hyun Bin, than the shop itself.

                    anyway, where's the shop located?
                    i been to vivo at least 5x but didn't see it around.

                    Here's the link to Beauty Credit

                    Actually if you google for beautycredit, you actually see a lot more of Hyun Bin himself than the brand. LoL!


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                      hi CaramelGirl!!! i totally agree w u!!! im totally heads over heels w hyun bin after watching the drama..... beauty credit just opened today.... its located @ b2.... near e city chain n walk a few shops down....


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                        u can catch the Beauty Credit commercial, starring none other than the spokeperson himself.


                        And some yummy foto of Beauty Credit spokeperson... *drool*

                        All taken from one of his many fanatic fan club blogs.

                        magrit, did you get anything fr the brand today?


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                          thanks for e links CaramelGirl! yup, i bought e charcoal nose clear patch, mascara and e pressed powder shown in e commercial!!! i got a free postcard poster too of none other than hyun bin! i cant wait for hyun bin's arrival!!


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                            ermm... any purchase required to get the postcard?


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                              ya, i think purchase is required but dont think there is an amount to hit.... but the postcard is only given out at a specific time.... 12 to 3... u can try going there tomorrow or sunday.... between that time!