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The Arches hair spa & hair salon

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  • The Arches hair spa & hair salon

    Hello everybody.

    Has anyone tried their services?
    Because i have a voucher on it and i need a haircut plus treatment badly.

    Please kindly share what you know about the salon.
    Thank you so very much.

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    hey i have been to this salon for hair colour..the stylists are very helpful and friendly..i am quite happy with my hair coloir which is recommeded by them..i have not try thir hair cut so i couldnt comment much..but i noticed there is this guy who is very popular with the customers. Most of them asked him for hair cuts. he is quite tall and abit big bulid..sorry i dont know his name..hope someone who is familar with the salon can help you!!


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      is it the one near lao pau sat? Shazzerlyn and I went before because of some DBS promotion, you can check under hair salon promotions for more details.
      I think you are talking about the director, Shazzerlyn liked his service too. =)


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        Yeah, i got the DBS prmotion thingy too. So thought i may try it out. it's the one at the lao pau sat there. I wanna do the promo with the hair cut and the treatment. But, i would they let the director to cut the hair? Thanks for the replies.


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          ya shazzerlyn did...haha you can try requesting, mine was done by a guy (i forgot his name, not too bad but not gd enough to make me want to go back)


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            Where is this salon at again girls?

            Does anyone knows the contact number for this place?

            How are the rates like?

            Greatly appreaciate it if someone could answer these questions


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              Sorry green tea, i threw away the voucher already. i have never been to there before too. Sorry i can't help!


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                awwww want to know too..

                what are the rates like, anyone?


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                  the addy is 35 Robinson Rd #01-04 Ogilvy centre (next to lao pa sat)
                  tel 62254113
                  cant reme the prices...

                  it is so-so to me, wont go unless there is promotion.