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  • StarLicious - Look gorgeous with Andy Lee

    hi gals!

    I just bought Andy Lee's book and I finished reading it at one go! He's such a genius! He even made some ladies in their 40s with droopy eyes (that was what was written on the book, I'm not being mean! ) look like a diva! :wow:

    I've picked up so many makeup tips even though I'm not a newbie when it comes to makeup! It's truly a "makeup bible" like what some of the celebrities said. It even comes with a DVD on makeup application (I've not got a chance to play it yet since after I put down the book, I just can't wait to share this treasure with you gals! ).

    For those who do not know who Andy Lee is, he is one of (some would say he is No. 1) Singapore's top celebrity makeup artist, with an experience of 18 years in the makeup industry. He was also the founder of I Nuovi Cosmetics.

    The book cost $34.45 and it comes with a DVD and a free Heliopolis accessory using Swarovski crystals. (mine is a handphone charm with crystals). Available at major bookstores and Tangs Mac counter.

    WARNING: This book will create strong lemmings for more Mac products and a great desire to buy the entire Mac store!

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    Started a thread on this book as I felt it'll be very useful for makeup newbies and anyone who wants to look StarLicious!


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      oh my! Wendy, i think my purchase at kinokuniya will be huge this week! thanks for sharing!!


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        That sounds promising! Thank's for sharing So far I haven't found my makeup bible yet. Most books are too general.


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          yeah, same here, prettypanda. haven't found a makeup bible either.

          shazzerlyn dear, are there many pictures to illustrate his explainations?


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            this book is a step-by-step bible!! the only thing that was not show was the exact steps to put on fake lashes! I'm going to try out the magic eye tape that he used to create beautiful eyes! There are pictures to show almost every step and the tools and colours he used are all stated.

            Go grab it before it's all gone!


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              i was contemplating whether to get it or not... wendy.. u're a saviour!
              thanks for the review!!! hope i've got a chance to pop by a bookshop tomorrow
              do update us on the dvd when u've watched it...


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                took some pictures of the pages to give you a preview! haha! It's more like a teaser! I hope I don't get sued for this! **Andy, if you find out about this, I'm helping to sell your book!**

                NOTE: I'm not paid to do this! Neither am I related to Andy!

                Start of makeover

                Step-by-step instructions

                The finished work and products used


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                  now you know what I mean yah? This guy is a genius! he made this lady (in her 40s) who looks so plain and normal look like s star!


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                    i had a quick browse at the book just now at Tangs.

                    i would say it's pretty comprehensive and many pictures to illustrate each step.

                    And best of all, you see local girls in this book, and not those supermodels or angmohs. They got deep set eyes and nice features etc to begin with.

                    It's indeed a local makeup book by a local for local ladies like us.

                    Also, i like the name of the book... StarLicious... ooooh!! so glam!!


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                      Did the book mention what brands he is using on the models??


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                        Forgot to mention that he used only Mac products for his book. Hence the desire to buy the entire Mac counter!

                        Vel is right, local models are used. Best of all, there's a almost a model that everyone can identify with, eg, I've got single eyelids and he used a model with single eyelid to illustrate how to create 3 dimensional eyes, to create double eyelids using the magic tape etc!


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                          darn ... i was just asking in the other thread about fake eyelashies... teiko btw, you'll only see MAC products cause this book was "sponsored" by MAC for the makeup products


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                            Oh, great work there! I realised that he likes to use sponges to apply e/s - to pack on more colours!


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                              I must get the book!!! Thanks Wendy for sharing