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recommendations on Korean Brand Shampoo/Conditioner

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  • recommendations on Korean Brand Shampoo/Conditioner


    Recently, I'm crarzy over Korean stuff. Hence, would like to try their shampoo & conditioner. Any recommendations?

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    i like mugens energetic hair pack. tried the face shop rose hair pack and acelora hair pack before, found it soso.

    missha 1L wash off treatment is also good, so is their silky coating essence (serum). im thinking of trying the face shop tangerine anti dandruff shampoo or the skin food shampoos.


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      Mugens(green color) shampoo and conditioner really good for dry damaged hair. I bought the travel sized shampoo and cond at $4.50( should be this amount) and never have the chance to buy the full size one because the place( lee ***) is really out of my way. You can give this a shot if you have really dry damaged hair. Good luck!


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        i tried the mugens shampoo u mentioned before..its called basic shampoo i think. hmm i find it not bad..rinses well. but the rinse is too diluted for me hehe.

        smells nice though!


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          tried the yellow Keratin range from Sasa before, terrible for me. even the leave-in repair serum sucks on me the shampoo left residue too


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            hi! i heard from a korean friend of mine that the shampoo n conditioner available in Dodo club at cine is a very good item.. though i have not tried it.. bt since e korean friend recommended it so strongly..
            i think we shld all give it a try!


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              i tried somang keratin hair pack before..didnt like it as it made my hair very heavy and coated.


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                i'm using the mugens energetic pack (blue colour) now. i find it quite good as it cleanses the scalp very well and does not leave any residue or leave my hair feeling coated or heavy..