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    Hi All

    I went to John Little today and saw this makeup base by Clio. This brand is made in Japan. Anyway, thinking that stuff at John Little would be drugstore standard (and price), I went when I saw that the price tag was $50!

    Anyway, I tried the purple one and it was lovely!! It was easy to blend and my skin felt velvety-smooth. I could almost swear my skin was luminous! And this product passed my test because even my 'cosmetically not-inclined' SO noticed the difference (read: radiance) on my skin.

    The only thing which stopped me from buying is how good this brand really is.. the reviews, etc. I mean for that price tag, I could have gotten a counter brand. So I would appreciate it if any cotters here who have tried anything from this brand give their feedback. TIA!!

    ETA: Found the link on the product: Clio Makeup Base
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    Profile Clio Cosmetics

    Ok, after finding out that Clio was started by the same guy who started Shu, I went ahead and bought the MU base today. Can't wait to try it on!


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      diff range of products made n diff countries, interesting! i like e packagin of their e/s n blushers!


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        is this brand still available in Singapore?

        If so, please state location & stores! thanks.


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          Does anyone have any access to this brand?

          I'm dying to try the blushes and would love a CP!!!!!!!!!


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            i think it's available at all john little stores
            those with rebates will definitely benefit


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              always wanted to try their blushers and eyeshadow duos, but they're way too expensive here.....interesting. For anyone that has these, are they shimmery? or glittery? TIA to anyone who knows and answers :D


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                Bumping this thread. They have it at John Little Jurong Point? The whole line?


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                  where did you find out the CLIO was started by the same guy who started Shu?
                  can i know more?


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                    Yes CLIO is in Singapore!

                    Went to Taka yesterday and it's available in Watsons! They're offering their eye make-up line as well as their second brand Peripera.

                    I tried out CLIO's Gel and Eye Liners and I must say they seem very good! They draw on easily and very dark.

                    I've always had problems finding the right eyeliner and was very impressed with their products!

                    Their second brand Peripera is offering a full range of make-up. Haven't tried this one yet.

                    Check it out and see for yourselves.


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                      I am a big fan of their "Kill Black" eyeliner! For someone who is horrible at putting on eyeliner - it's a miracle that I can use this so easily


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                        CLIO Kill Black Pen Liner Review

                        Bought the CLIO's Kill Black Liner. It exceeded my expectations. It's very affordable (~SGD$22) and yet it delivers the results. I bought it over a month back and no regrets!!

                        Continue on my review at my blog.
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                          I bought the black eyeliner at watsons too, but to me the black is not that kindof killer black. I still prefer heavy rotation, the black is much more intense.


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                            I have never heard about this brand..Thanks for letting me know about this.


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                              japan brand?
                              i thought that is a korean brand?!