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  • i took some pics ..which was horrible of my eyes is bigger than the other and i have single eyelid eyes and my face is very very do i make up to cover my flaws? thanks here's my pix...Help me out pls...that's y i seldom take photos...i jus think i look awful with my asymetrical eyes n long face>.< thank u.

    i know my hairstyle sucks. because i was mad at one point of time and i cut armani hair so my hairstyle is still awful.

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    i think you look very pretty in fact!

    Your hair's not ugly. I think it gives you a very chic and sassy look! With some wax and hair stuff, you'd look awesome!

    To make your face look less long, you can play up on blusher on the apples of your cheeks.
    More mascara on your smaller eye may help make it look bigger too (:

    HTHs! and don't be so worried about your face. I think you look good.


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      hi geeko,

      i believe nobody has perfect facial features, basically no one's perfect right.. i don't think the different size of your eyes is really obvious in your photo cos both is single eyelid, i know many people who have 1 eye with single eyalid and double on the other which look worse than yours.. be confident girl!! and look on your good quality...
      however what i can suggest to you is you can go to make up counters to seek advise on how to cover up your weaknesses
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        i always look at my pics and always fret about my eyes too small, not asymetric and face too long. in fact it has gotten to the point that i just feel that if i am ugly..i might as well be the ugliest girl around..hence i wear specs for 90% of the time. yea i think maybe i might have to go make up counters and seek advise on how to cover up my weaknesses. by the way do they do makeovers? i think i might want to keep my hair longer before goin to a make up counter. did think of plastic surgery before but....the side effects freak me out. so i think i rather just be natural ugly old me.

        anyway..the last time i went indonesia to take a family picture which was a few years back...>.< the make up artist made up my eyes in such a way that i look rather serious and fierce..Eeeks! After that incident i seriouly doubt miracles can happen to be with make up. Stupid face look too thin. Eat a lot ******* face also never put on some flesh all the flesh all go to the stomach Sad.


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          Hello geeko!

          After looking at your pic, you do look pretty! If you want to look totally awsome chic is good that you practice some face highlighter, eyeliner, eyeshadow in medium shades and mascara. Cos that's what i start with when i was a noob in makeup. There are some few sites that can actually help in practising your makeup. HTHs .


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            thankss....what sites do you recommend me? i bought a book on make up on korean actresses...but it's all in chinese...and it's very tedious for me to read i dunno all the various kinds of make up names in chinese. Therefore i never tried the make up techniques

            by the way what is face highlighter? what do highlighters do? Sorry i am a noob in make up >.<

            Appreciate your help!


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              Sacha has great techniques, tips and even help us understanding makeup features and fomulation of our skin. Maybe u can try download this free makeup tips (adobe reader is used).

              And as for highlighter is normally used when you have dull/pale skin means you don't have radiant and the glow on your skin even though you're using foundation it sometimes dosen't give the sculpture look effect on your skin. Normally highlighter is used on the cheeks, jawline, nose bridge, forehead and mouth area. You can see the differences when you're using normal makeup and normal makeup with highlighters!
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                oh...thanks for the tip ...will read the handbook


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                  hey geeko, personally i like your hairstyle, it's sexy.. i've always wanted that kind of very short hair but sadly my bf won't allow me.. by the way what side effect from the plastic surgery that freak you out?? i went for my double eyelid surgery by the way and planning to have my nose done too, you just got to find the right doctor and u mentioned u went to indonesia, u indonesian?


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                    oh my dad was indonesian mum's singaporean. so i am kinda half indonesian.

                    i don't keep long hair..cause when i keep it..i look very auntish. heh this current avatar was taken in family pic. i look very serious >.<

                    i scared that later have permanent scar...then i rather forgo >.<


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                      hehe, so u are half indonesian huh and i'm pure i think u look Great on your avatar pic gal!! i really love your hair !! you are not at all bad looking !!


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               i took some pics ..which was horrible

                        well i was i took some pics ...and they turned out horrible...i look too white...i think i give up on doin make up. i am simply suc ky at it. well here's my pics. dun be scared off by this ghost here...

                        this is how i usually look like without make up...and how i usually prefer to be because i am just to lazy to put on make up

                        with make up..but...much too white..i think i dunno how to operate the lightning

                        i love my turqoise earrings

                        i love this looks so scary. lol. really. my fav


                        well i was bored i decided to play around with my make up (i seldom use my make up except the lip gloss) and take some stupid pics. Here's my first and last FOTD..i think it's horrible...look like ghost. lol i think i am better off stickin to the geeky old me


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                          thanks..u shld have seen the actual photo..i really look very fierce...rofl by the way..refer to the fotd section to see how i look like with specs...which i do for 90% of the time...totally a geek rofl..

                          by the way does your family also like to take this kind of family pictures? I notice that all my indonesian relatives like to take such pictures. tell you a that time when my family went to indonesia to take family picture with the rest of our extended family...all the women including my mum and i were made up by make up artistes.

                          so one of the make up artiste actually shaved off half my mum's brow..and my mum did not know that until when she go back to my grandparents' hse and saw that half her brow was gone. from then on...she swear by no make up artiste for her. ROFL


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                            Hi Sweetie u really have great godsend creamy complexion, can do w/o MU.


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                              i agree with vernis! your complexion is really good!

                              and you look really different once you remove your spectacles.. brand new look