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Skin protection after a swim

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  • Skin protection after a swim

    Anyone know what we should use after a swim to protect our skin? what brand is recommended??? thank for your help.

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    HI forever,
    What do you want to protect ur skin against?

    But one gentle reminder: Always remember to apply sunblock when u go for a swim!


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      Normal body lotion should do if you are afraid of dryness. Just bathe thoroughly to remove any residue of chlorine (or salt). If I get sunburn I'll use aloe vera gel to soothe the skin. You can get aloe vera gel at any pharmacie or supermarket, any brand is fine.


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        thank for all ur replies.. hmm... actually, i don't really take good care of my skin... i don't know what i should use to protect my skin... cos i'm kinda of lazy haha so i'm actually looking for something to maybe at least apply on after bathing....


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          How abt after exercise? Personally, other than washing my face after a workout, I hate to apply anything sticky on it such as moisturiser. I know this is bad for my skin but I really like it to feel clean and dry after all the perspiration

          What abt you gals?


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            me too... i feel so refreshed after a swim or work out.... that's why, i'm checking out what other things i can do to take care of my skin after a swim...
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