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    Found the Hard Candy display at T1! It's in a small beauty section called "Glam Up" located towards the "C" gates. (It's right next to the Bengawan Solo counter) and the display is near the cashier counter.

    I saw the 10 Years of Gloss... humongous pot! They had the Bon Bon gloss set, one of the palettes (can't remember which one, sorry!), eyeshadow quartets (S$60), nail polishes, etc. I have to admit I wasn't too interested in the HC products even though they had newer stuff than the UD display since I'd just placed an order for some HC items 2 weeks ago through Nordstrom. Again like the UD prices, most products were about 2x US retail which isn't too bad.

    Mods, I couldn't find a HC thread. Please move this if there is an existing one thanks!

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    A talking lipgloss?

    Kiss & Tell
    Get gorgeous, glistening lips that shine with the truth. Extra juicy, these sheer, shiny popsicle-scented delights are the ultimate treat.

    Packaged in a slim, transparent vial, each gloss is topped with a funky, fortune-telling cap, so these delicious lip essentials provide more than just fantastic shine. Unleash the power of lip gloss with gorgeous lips and telling messages revealed by the magical cap.

    To use: Simply apply your favorite tint, ask a question, give the gloss a shake-shake-shake and voila! Your answer will be revealed. "Should I start a band?" OK. "Should I ask him out?" YUK. "Will I stay home tonight?" NO! Got more questions? Try more shades. Hard Candy Kiss & Tell Lip Gloss is available in the following hot hues:


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      10 Years Of Gloss
      Let's celebrate! In fall 2005, Hard Candy Cosmetics turns 10.
      It's hard to believe that it has been a decade since the birth of this beauty industry darling. Starting a nail rage in 1995 with the launch of a playful polish collection, Hard Candy forever changed the face of beauty. Today, with genius Executive Creative Director, Wende Zomnir, at the helm of the brand, Hard Candy features over 150 supremely designed and delectably packaged beauty staples. In 10 quick years, the niche brand has flourished to become a front and center player in the beauty industry.

      To salute this milestone birthday, Hard Candy is proud to introduce 10 Years of Gloss. This special-edition lip treat commemorates a decade of Hard Candy's flirty, fun cosmetic innovations. A gorgeous, neutral pink with a hint of shimmer, 10 Years of Gloss is easy to wear. Its moisture-rich, melt-on-your-mouth formula creates the smoothest, yummiest lips. Housed in an over-sized pot, it serves up a generous helping of gloss, topped with a baby blue jeweled Hard Candy heart.

      10 Years of Gloss
      (neutral pink with shimmer)