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Semi-permanent DIY hair dyes not available in singapore?

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  • Semi-permanent DIY hair dyes not available in singapore?

    Hi everyone,

    I want to dye my hair darker, but since i just rebonded it yesterday....i want to use a semi-permanent which is much less damaging than a permanent hair dye. Whenever i go into Watsons/Guardian (been into at least 5 different ones) there are only permanent and no we not get them here over the counter??

    I really want to do it myself...not at the shocked we dont get it here. Does anyone have any idea about this??

    Permanents are so drying....a semi won't last as long....but at least it wont destroy my hair even more...

    does anyone also know about the Korean brand of dye in Sasa that starts with C? Cant remember the exact name...and the SA was very useless! But i think it was a henna dye IIRC.

    Please desperate!

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    No one knows anything?


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      You should be able to get a Loreal brand one (in purple box) at Causeway Point Watsons. I forgot what's the name of that series but it should be on the bottom shelf where all the hairdyes are. IIRC it washes off gradually. I know as i was a loreal promoter there at the beginning of the year. Good luck!


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        Thanks so much! Because i asked in the watsons in taka and they said watsons don't sell semi-permanents. Are u sure this is a semi perm? Is it called castings by any chance? Thanks


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          Hi to add on to my PM, if you hair has been previously bleached, semi-permanents will run out even faster.
          I've used Casting before, years back, quite disappointing.

          Henna behaves differently as the pigment is bonded permanently onto the surface of the hair, even chlorine in pool water doesn't seem to affect it.
          It actually darkens and mellows within the first two weeks of dyeing as the pigment continues to oxidise on your hair. But if your hair is light to start with, the colour can be pretty bright and obvious.
          For eg., blondes get bright auburn/redhead if they use henna.
          Normal blackish Asian hair just get a reddish glow under sunlight.


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            Yep it's Castings!!! paphio i guess some love it, some don't. cos i've seen a lady buying up to 8 boxes of Castings! Racergirl, i'm very sure it's a semi-permanent dye. It should wash off gradually with each hairwash. I myself never tried it before though. IIRC, they don't have ammonia in the solution, which makes it a semi-permanent dye and smells nicer. Ammonia is the one which makes your hair colour stays. Good luck at Causeway Point Watsons! It's at the bottom shelf. If it's not visible, try digging in a bit cos sometimes they push it behind to display other brands. HTH!


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              If any1 is still looking for semi-permanent hair dyes, I think Garnier has a range. It's only available at limited NTUC Unity pharmacies. Health & U at NUH has it too. Only a few shades to choose from though.


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                I know where to buy....

                you can find all these dyes from BasicBeauty...
                or those shop that sells korean's product. HMV has got both these shops...