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  • Best Product for 2005!

    It's that time of the year again where we bid the current year goodbye and welcome the new one with lotsa anticipation and excitement.

    What great products have you discovered in the year 2005 ? What do you look forward to the new year ahead?

    Here?s mine? I discovered:-

    Urban Decay primer potion
    - I can?t do without it, it?s my daily staple! I?m so greedy I have stocked up 2 brand new tubes and 2 used ones now.

    Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil
    - it?s the BEST loose powder for me ever!

    MAC pigments
    - I know I?m abit sloooow on this, I never wanted to venture into the world of pigments. I already have tonnes of eyeshadows. I don?t want to also develope an insatiable pigment appetite which will make me even poorer, but eventually I did after Daphnee baby lent me hers to try out. They are the BEST! I heart them even more than my e/s.

    MAC Skinfinish
    - The best way to bring glow and radiance to your face. Loove Porcelain Pink and Stereo Rose most!

    MAC fluidline Dip down
    - This is my HG and the most used among all the fluidlines! Brown eyeliner that goes with everything.

    Sofina Raycious aqua stay base
    - this is a recent discovery for me. YES, as always, I?m slower than some of you. But this is the best makeup base I have ever tried! Smashbox photofinish, Modelco, Revue base and what not, this is tops!

    Max Factor 2000 calories mascara
    - Another BEST! Holds up my curls, smudgefree and coats each lashes so evenly.

    Greenladysoap EDP
    - So lasting, this rocks!

    Maple Clinic and Dr Ong
    - Lastly, this is to express my gratitude and appreciation to Dr Ong and her lovely products. They have saved me from my acne agony.

    Well, to be honest, 2005 has been a crazy year for me. The most memorable event of the year will be the EL sale. I'm sure all the crazy girls who were there will agree with me. It has been a year with lotsa cosmetics sale-chasing and going makeup counters with a group of lovely ladies here and tempting each other. LoL!

    The new year i want to exert more self discipline and control over my cosmetics spending. (Pls don't laugh at me when you read this, i know vernis you are laughing). And pray the devil MAC be more merciful with my wallet.

    Now, what?s yours?

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    Tien discovered..

    Shu Uemura!
    Never tried the brand out even with my gf's constant raves for it. But thanks much to dear cotter, Jo's invitation to the latest Shu party, I've discovered the wonderful products they have to offer! My HG loosepowder and eyebrow pencil!

    Tony & Tina
    Though they're no longer in SG, I'm glad I found them before they packed up and at the 50% off-all-products period too! My must-have Herbal Green Base!

    Benefit Cosmetics
    Also discovered thanks to CC, but purchase made possible by Shi, also a cotter! The boi-ing concealor I once thought was too dark and shelved away has been seeing alot of light now! Really covers all my "battle scars" like a dream.

    Not of any particular brand but just plain eyeshadows! I've never dared to use them for fear of looking too dramatic and so worried about my blending skills. But now, I've gone absolutely crazy over eyeshadows!

    Finally, I must say.. my best discovery of 2005 is still CC and all my lovely cotters!!

    PS. I have to learn to discover MAC's pigments! I'm way behind time!


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      Year 2005 is really the "make up" year for me.. my collection boomed from a few eyeshadow and a few lip gloss to "i lost count" eyeshadows, lipgloss, blushes etc.. But of course my collection still can't match the collection of so many cotters here..

      Anyway the best of 2005 for me:

      MAC eyeshadows - especially retrospeck, living pink, D bohemia..
      MAC eyeshadows really last and are pigmented !! after partying i can still see my eyeshadow colour. I love retrospeck and use it everytime as a highlighter.

      MAC powerpoint(stubborn brown and forever green) and fluidline(dipdown)
      Stubborn brown is my everyday brown before dipdown came about.. I just love PP as they some out can make my hidden lids appear more?

      Rimmel's volume flash mascara
      Just discovered it, lenghens my lashes naturally!! i love it..

      Make up brushes
      I am using MAC's now.. once i started using brushes, i no longer use my finger to apply anymore.. I really can feel the difference when i use the brushes to blend the eyeshadows.. heeh..

      I was really in MAC craze for the past year(all the waiting for the limited collections- D bohemia, Belle Azure, Ornamentalism etc). I couldnt walk away from the counters without buying anything. Hence i had to turn my head away from the counters(my SO pulling).

      Anyway i am now in SHU craze.. hence i expect year 2006 to be another "make up year"


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        Mamasan's humble list

        MAC Pigs (pigment)

        What can i say, absolutely no turning back


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          Oops, I think i wrote in a different format. Is it ok?

          small Wendy's discoveries for 2005


          Shu Uemura Water Perfect Fluid Foundation (Medium Coverage)
          GA LSF (Light coverage)
          Paul & Joe Light Cream Foundation (Full Coverage)

          Loose Powder:

          Chanel Universelle Natural Finish Loose Powder (Really lives to it name!! - So natural and smooth)

          Eye Shadows:

          Shu Uemura New 44 Pressed Eye Shadows (Soft, pigmented, colors are )
          MAC New Veluxe Pearl Eye Shadows (Satiny smooth, colors are too)

          Eye Liners:

          Shu Uemura New Drawing Pencils (No tugging, glides on smoothly )


          MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Stereo Rose (One of the unique blushers from my collection )


          Bobbi Brown Lip Sheer (Rosy) - Glides like a dream


          Shu Uemura 27 (Very soft bristles )
          MAC 212 (Very versatile and lasting )

          That's all I can think for now...

          To Jing dearie, not sure if you are refering to me But,
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            If eyelash extension can be considered a beauty product, it'll be my best discovery for 2005!

            Here's my list:

            Kanebo Revue Still Keep Foundation and Makeup Primer
            - this is by far the finest and best powder foundation I've ever tried!

            CDP Cream Foundation
            - Now I know why this little jar retails for more than $200 and it's still flying off the sheleves!

            GreenLadySoap EDP *I'm so glad I ordered my favourites in 1 Oz before Nadia called it a day!*
            - Hanae Mori Butterflies
            - Mango de Magia
            - RL Cool
            - Light Blue
            - Be Delicious

            OPIs! I started my collection after I got to know about a cheaper way to get it from CC! 3 cheers to CC!


            Benefit Dandelion Blusher
            - This is my HG blusher, it never fails to give me that natural glow that makes people wonder if I'm born with rosy cheeks!

            Skinfood Blusher is a close contender as my HG blusher

            Shu Uemura Drawing Pencil in ME Black

            Face Mask
            Collagen treatment sheet mask from medicare, available at Watsons
            - this $1.95 sheet mask is the most effective mask I've tried this year! It gives my skin instant elasticity and suppleness, it's amazing! It's even cheaper than The Face Shop's sheet masks!

            Overall Favourite Brand
            Last but not least, I have to end my list with Mac products which i love!
            Skin Finish in Porcelain Pink
            Moon's Reflection, Zonk Bleu and Aquadisiac Eye shadows which are my favourites
            Tinted Lip Conditioners - moisturises my lips with a hint of colouring
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              Your format is good if you've found the best in each category, Wendy!


              Shu Uemura Water Perfect

              Loose Powder:

              Paul & Joe

              Eye Shadow:

              Majolica Majorca


              ZA Cutie Curl (volume)


              Crown (no ref, it's unmarked)

              I named only one in each cat as it's to be the best I've found this year.

              Wendy -> It's also great that you added brief comments behind your discoveries! Yes, it's Eternity I was referring to I copied your format!
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                Eyeshadows :

                Majolica Majorca , amazing stuff this line of drugstore brand has. Comes in many colours , i wonder when can i "collect them all" ?


                Majolica Majorca 's Flash & Blood RD300. Superd staying power and easy to blend. this small tube can probably last me for the next 2yrs ?

                Silkygirl Blusher in Flashing Rose . Super dirt cheap yet very pigmented and lasting. i really can't find anymore reason to splurge on $30 blusher after i've this..


                OPI , i'm probably one of the late bloomers. But i never looked back since i tried their nailpolish.They have the best red polishes around , my personal fav : Bogota Blackberry

                i only tried on eyeliners this year. quite an experience on learning how to get a thin straight line on my lids with my shaky hands. The best few eyeliners that worked for me so far:

                Tiffa black & gold eyeliner
                Maybelline Waterproof Liquid eyeliner
                Chic Choc pencil eyeliner

                IPSA White protect Foundation (Liquid Pact / Powder )
                IPSA Skin Renew Foundation

                thanks for CC ,i heard about Luxasia sale and its the first time i laid my hands on IPSA prdts. Being a drugstore foundation user for so many years , i now truly understand how much difference it makes with a good quality foundation than those cheapo ones.

                Makeup Base
                Missha Matt Makeup Base in Green - this baby is only $7.90 and it corrects the redness on my skin really well.. what more can i say?


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                  This year is the brand of Shu Uemura!! haha I love love love love them! Some mentionables are as below:

                  I love my Shu Uemura shadows! Best of the best, my favourite shade must be the much raved about ME 945, perfect no brainer with a unique twist on the usual neutrals!
                  MAC Veluxe Pearls/Frosts fall in 2nd.
                  MAC Fluidlines, Kohls, Powerpoints are great!
                  Shu Drawing Pencils come close!

                  Drugstore for me here! Fasio 3D curl volume is fabulous! It gives me the same results as layering the Shu basic mascara and length and waterproof! Only iffy bit is it's hard to remove but the cleansing oil from Shu helps tons! HG material.

                  Shu Water Perfect + Velvet Perfect and the UV Underbase!

                  Shu Uemura #10 brush very versatile almost all I need for my eye makeup!

                  Lip products
                  Revlon Super Lustrous in Glossy Rose (shade easy to wear texture non sticky)!
                  Chanel Glossimers - tad expensive though, I'm lemming for Pagoda! Texture and colour pay off is fab!
                  Clinique Superbalms! Grape is nice and adds a very pretty tinge to the lips! Very moisturising!
                  MAC Lipsticks are great! I enjoy the Lustre range - Bunny Pink, Sophisto, Hug Me, Lipblossom are some of my favourites! The Satins are great too, and my perfect bombshell red is Ruby Woo (matte). Only shy away slightly from the Frosts as they tend to be drying.
                  Avon lipbalms are great too - cheap, cute scents and moisturizing! Love the texture
                  I like the Shu Creme Rouge too, just haven't plonked the cash down for it!

                  Blush/Face Products
                  Highlighter in Shu P Peach 42 - great for brightening the face!
                  MAC Well Dressed - I loved this so much I finished it!
                  Shu P Amber 82 great natural shade slightly peachy.

                  Bath and Body
                  GLS EDPs! They rock, long lasting and a great variety of scents!
                  SDE Soft as Silk hand lotion, dry oil mists!
                  NE Body Whips very very good.
                  Avon Bubble Baths (better than L'occitane's IMO)
                  BB Body Butter + lotion (not bad!)
                  SDE Bath Truffles (really fab!)

                  Serge Lutens Chergui, Fleur D'oranger, Daim Blond
                  Narciso Rodriguez For Her EDT
                  CDG Kyoto (just sampled!)
                  L'artisan Mure et Musc
                  ElizabethW Vetiver
                  Ava Luxe Love's True Bluish Light (great vanilla!)

                  I'm sure there are tons more of great stuff I found! But this is just off my head, hope you girls find some useful.


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                    Here is my list

                    Inoui ID eyeshadow quads! So many colours and variations! Tied with Shu Uemura eyeshadows of course

                    Awake Stardom blushes-good enough to replace NARS for the category of blushes...well maybe not but damn good all the same

                    Max Factor Lash Perfection mascara, definitely replacing my YSL Faux Cils staple!!

                    Chantecaille Future Skin foundation-pretty much holy grail material!

                    Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer as a concealer, a tiny dot covers all!

                    Kevyn Aucoin powder brushes, so soft! THE king of all brushes!

                    Laura Mercier Creme Brulee Body Souffle (high end) and Tutti Dolci body lotion (mid end)

                    Laura Mercier Creme Brulee candles

                    And last but not least, the Cozy Cot gals!! You ladies are amongst the classiest and informative bunch around! Thanks for being part of MY 2005!!!


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                      Fleckenschnittes list

                      OMG! Considering how much stuff I bought this year my list should be like 2 pages coz I love most of the stuff I bought
                      Anyways, I list my VERY BEST and my WORST purchases of 2005:

                      MM e/s in the metallic formula, especially SV821, BL724, WT963, BE286 and BR710
                      Shu Uemura e/s in ME 945, ME638 and the Aqua Pearls palette
                      Shiseido PN Sparkling Eyes in GR203, BL709, VI205 (and love the other colors, too)
                      T'estimo Color Contrast Eyes in EX-10

                      Laura Mercier e/s duo in Violet (no pigment and sOOOOOOO expensive )
                      T'estimo White Variation Eyes (useless!)
                      NARS shadows generally (all the 5 duos I had failed on me )

                      Tiffa Black&Gold Liner (this is really one of the best I have!!)
                      Kate Supersharp liner in BR-1
                      PN Forming Pearl for Eyes in BR666
                      (Maquillage) MQ Diamond Tear liners in purple, black and brown
                      MM Liquid Automatic Liner

                      T'estimo shining eyeliner (burns, separeted liquid from color after only 1 month, stiff applicator!)

                      Shiseido Dramatical Eyes Volume
                      Kate Curl Memory
                      Fasio Powerstay 3D Volume & Curl

                      YSL Faux Cils...great performance but the scent gave me a headache and I could smell my lashes all day long...yuck!

                      Eyebrow products:
                      PN Eyebrow Makeup
                      Cosme Decorte Intuice Eyebrow duo

                      Lip products (glosses, liners etc)
                      PN Lip Neos
                      PN Prismalise Gloss
                      T'estimo Glitter Fluid Rouge
                      T'estimo lipsticks generally!
                      PN Fresh Color Lips
                      MQ lipsticks (generally, great formula!)
                      MQ Lip Essence!!
                      Laneige lipglosses and lipsticks generally! I found them all to be really good!
                      MQ Lip Creator pencils in RD701 and RS590

                      whatever Bourjois lippy...The scent is so stong it made me sick

                      MQ Flawless Skin Liquid fdtn...that is fantastic!
                      MM Pressed Fantasia (already finished one refill pan!)
                      Kate Natural loose powder
                      T'estimo Mix Change Powder (to highlight)
                      Cosme decorte Powder Intuice in 12 (shimmery)
                      PN Jewel on Veil (for nighttime highlighting)
                      Sofine Aube Poudre Quatre

                      Palgantong Theatrical Powder (no coverage, made me break out)
                      MAC foundations (don't remember the names) made me break out
                      Chanel foundation (3 different kinds) gave me a red rash

                      PN Cheek Color Select
                      MM Flesh & Blood in RD and PK
                      Shu Uemura blushes
                      MM Powder blush in the RD shade (like Milani Luminous!)
                      KATE blushes in the new formula

                      Physician's formula blushes gave me a rash

                      I have soooooooooooo many more faves but those are some of the best I have


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                        My findings

                        YSL Touche Eclat -
                        conceals and highlights my dark circles and scars so well, i didnt even know they existed

                        PTR Anti Aging Gel Cleanser -
                        i the smell of this cleanser and it cleans squeaky clean without leaving my skin too dry :wow:

                        BB Brushes -
                        their brushes. all time favourite as compared to MAC

                        Burt Bee Lip Balm -
                        i love the way it works wonders on my lips. despite trying out 101 lip balms for my chapped lips.
                        1 application of this and :wow:


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                          My favourites.....

                          Revlon Colorstay Stay Natural Foundation (Gives good coverage for long hours & oil control for my oily skin!)
                          MAC Fluidline (Just too love to use it)
                          MAC Eyeshadow (Colors like browns, nude & beiges my favourites)
                          Shu Uemura Glow on Blusher (Amber and pinks )
                          Revlon, Loreal, MAC & BB Lipgloss (Love them, I want more!)
                          MAC & BB Brushes
                          Neutrogena Deep Clean Cream Cleanser (My all time favourites)


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                            Just woke up and now feeling uber sleepy but of course, I still wanna rave about my faves for 2005!

                            Shu Uemura New textured eyeshadows! So satiny and easy to blend, doing eyeshadow looks now is like a dream!

                            NARS Blushes
                            Shu Uemura Peach range glow ons (I have almost 4 from the peach range)
                            NARS Multiples!

                            Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation in Warm Ivory (The coverage is superb and it feels very light on the skin)
                            GA LSF - Dear daph gave me a sample of this and now I am hooked!
                            Shu Uemura Velvet Perfect Long lasting foundation
                            Just recently discovered Kanebo Revue and I love how powdery it looks on my face

                            Za Perfecting Concealer! it is so easy to use and blends beautifully. The coverage is enough for my blemishes and the staying power is really good

                            Fasio Powerstay 3D in Curl Long and Curl volume
                            Majolica Majorca Maximum Lash and Separate Lash

                            Loose Powders/Pressed Powders
                            Laura Mercier's Loose Powder in Translucent
                            Shu Uemura's Colorless Matt Loose Powder
                            T.LeClerc Loose Powder in Bistre
                            MAC's Blot Powder

                            Special treatments
                            Shu Uemura's Pro Principe pore minimizer! - Love this stuff and doesnt cause me to break out!
                            Shu Uemura's UV underbase
                            Shu Uemura's Pink Cleansing Oil! HG cleanser for removing MU

                            Shu Uemura's highly coveted 10F Kolinsky Brush
                            Shu Uemura Pony Blush Brush
                            Shu Uemura's 10 Kolinsky brush

                            Lip stuff
                            Thanks to CC raves, I love PN Lip Neos!
                            MAC Lustreglasses
                            MAC's Lipgelee!
                            Chanel's Glossimer in Praline and Pagoda

                            Gosh, seems like I just listed a ton!


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                              started my makeup frenzy only around June (late bloomer ) and my collection has suddenly grown tremendously!

                              MAC (dab a little goes a long way... love how pigmented it is)
                              Shu Hard Formula eyebrow pencil
                              MAC fluidlines (this changed my opinion about lining the eyes.. great invention!)
                              lazy me hardly uses mascara
                              UDPP (my HG!!!! totally control my ultra oily lids... sourcing for more to stock up)

                              Chanel Teint Controle 2way
                              MAC MSF (Stereo Rose & Porcelain Pink), MAC Dame blusher
                              MAC Select Cover-up concealor (great and natural coverage using eye blender brush.. yes, learnt from MAC MA)

                              MAC Stick Lip Conditioner (more convenient than the pot.. pity it's LE)
                              MAC lipglass - Courting Rose, Oi Oi Oi

                              MAC Holiday Sets (durable.. still haven't shred on me )

                              a BIG to all the pretty CC babes for all the reviews and recommendations