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  • Lavshuca by Kanebo

    Pics of the new brand Lavshuca being released by Kanebo on 1 February 2006 in Japan. The theme of the brand is "Innocence x Eros".

    The Loose Powder Foundation comes in 5 shades and retails for 2100yen. It has SPF12 and PA+ and contains "essence silk powder" to help maintain moisture. The Pressed Powder two-way Foundation also comes in 5 shades, refill is 1995yen and the case is 1050yen. Has SPF26 and PA++. The Liquid Foundation has SPF19 and PA++, retails at 2100yen in 5 shades.

    The Perfect Base comes in Light (blue), Moist (pink) and UV (white). The Light and Moist bases are gel-type makeup bases while the UV base is a creamy base withSPF23 and PA++, all retailing at 1890yen.

    The Cheek Select is a blush with 5 shades in each compact. There are 4 combinations available and retails for 2100yen.

    The Mascara Base, retails for 1260yen.

    Colour Control Bases, 1470yen

    Stick Concealer, available in 3 shades, 1470yen

    Pressed Colour Powder, available in 3 shades, 2100yen. To be used on top of foundation.

    Lipstick, 12 shades, 1680yen.

    Liquid Lips (Rouge), 9 shades, 1680yen

    Liquid Lips (Gloss), 9 shades, 1680yen

    Lipgloss Liner, 6 shades, 840yen

    Eye Colour, 10 shades, 840yen

    Eyebrow Pencil, 3 shades, 1260yen

    Eyeliner Pencil, 3 shades, 1260yen

    Perfect Mascara in Volume and Long, 1 shade, 1575yen each

    Nail Colour, 9 shades, 630yen

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    Hi haru

    thanks for sharing the info Where did u get this info frm? can i have the link too? This series is targetting for *** skin and age group?


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      Thanks haru dear for the information! This range looks and sounds fantastic!
      I am already lemming the cheek blushers. They are too cute!


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        Such pretty packaging! Thank you haru for the lovely pictures.
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          That brand looks very tempting Especially the lipsticks and blush!


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            The information is from a Japanese makeup product review website,

            The Lavshuca products are listed individually on this page.


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              wow.. new "babies".. is it going to be available @ the drug store or @ departmental stores?


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                strictly on 1 FEB 2006? ............ might have a slight chance of catching this. Do u think this will be sold at those individual stores? Thanks


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                  Given the price range, I think this line will be at drugstores like Kate, another drugstore line by Kanebo. Not sure how fixed the date of release is. Can always try looking for it, I guess.


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                    :wow: Looks really tempting, thanks for the pictures & info Iris!


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                      thanks haru! **rubbing** my hands now! cant wait for it to be launch..


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                        Looks really tempting. But my goodness! How to pronounce the name


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                          Pic of the full Lavshuca range from Voce magazine


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                            wow... looks nice... and is rather affordable too..


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                              This is the link to the main page of Lavshuca.