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HELP : Pores more visible after facial?

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  • HELP : Pores more visible after facial?

    Hi all,

    Is it normal that after facial, the pores on your face will become more "visible"/"larger"?

    According to the beautician, the facial cleans away the dirt on the face (pores) and thus making the pores looks more "obvious"... true??


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    I think it depends on each individual; but yes, i have heard of this happening. I think with regular care (whether or not it includes facials) to help keep the pores clear, the "obviousness" will diminish over time. Pores can't be shrunk, but their appearance can be made less visible. Regular exfoliation and keeping skin hydrated are things that should help. Look around the forum - it is filled with wonderful advice. HTH~~


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      Not really sure about about the enlarged pores after facial i dont have that problem. It could varies with different skin types, but one way which i check is to feel the skin after the facial and if it's smooth that's means my pores should be quite clean.