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Any product to relief Urticaria or Hives or Hong Mo

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  • Any product to relief Urticaria or Hives or Hong Mo


    Anyone here suffer from Urticaria or Hives or Hong Mo (in hokkien)? Any remedy? Any pdts that can help to relief this skin problem?

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    I had that years ago and was put on a course of Zyrtex for several months.

    This drug is to stop the nerves from over reacting to stimuli and after extended period of numbing, the nerves is dormant until the next flare up which may occur a few years later.

    The whole cycle of medication repeats it self again. There's no cure but only treatment.

    I went to NSC and was given a list of what not to eat. After deducting, the only stuff I could eat was fish soup and rice and fruits like peaches and pears.

    I have to avoid like plague, preserved food, diary, beans, pork, beef, citrus fruits, highly process food (chips) fried food, food colourings (very common).

    Subsequently, I went to colonic irrgation and TCM accupunture. All which helps to reduce the flare up and itch.

    I also noticed whenever I have long period of consipation, the condition comes knocking on my door again.

    I think a healthy diet and regular bowel movement will imrpove this condition.



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      Hi there!

      My mum used to have that. and the doc gave her calamine lotion. u can get it from typical pharmacies. hope it helps!


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        I had this when i was younger...
        It came whenever my body gets "heaty"...
        the irregular bowel movement was true then..

        i began changing my 'toilet habits' to a daily one...
        ate fruits...drink 'cooling tea'...

        and i grew out of it eventually...


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          Apply lots of calamine lotion to ease the itchiness. It do helps.


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            i used to suffer from it too. sometimes, its heaty type, sometimes its the "cold" type. With heaty type, i nosebled more easily. (thats how i differentiate the two) If its the heaty type, refrain from eating eating heaty food eg deep fried. Was too young at that time, think my mother just put johnson and johnson baby powder on me and control my diet.


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              is hong mo the same as hives? coz my bf also got this hives problem recently. dunoo is allergy to what also. but the hives runs about in the body and is very itchy. any cream or medication which we can buy at the pharmacy? he is stubborn n dunn wan to see doc.


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                i suggest seeing a sinseh. the last time i have hives was because of a drug allergy... the medication given by the sinseh helped to clear up all the hives in a day. but it's very important to find out what caused the hives so that you can prevent it in the long-run. hth!


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                  I apply this prescribed lotion called DesOwen which is really good for hives...


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                    use warm white vinegar rub with a towel will cure it


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                      i've got this problem while i was 10. my mum applied white vinegar on my back.. as i used to get it almost every saturday night then.. don't know why. recently my 6 yrs old nephew get the same prob.. but mostly ard his neck & face, my mum brought him to the chinese physician, he diagnosed that it is due to my nephew sensitivity to products like paint... (there's a reno work @ my mum's block).. my sister, his mother, had the same problem too... the physician advised that it is important to changed to a new set of clothings after my nephew reached home, so that the rashes will not get into bigger patches..


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                        I was plagued with this since young, still have it on and off, esp in the mornings. For me, the trigger is either dust or some on-coming virus attack. So when i get a really bad flu or stomach flu, i break out in super bad hives.

                        If it's really itchy, can rub abit of corn starch on the patch (yes, the one u use for cooking). But then, do note that some people are sensitive to corn and may react against it with bigger hives. So best is to do a tiny test patch.

                        I also have a bottle of Gaia skin soothing lotion on hand to dab on the patches. Erm, its an organic moisturizer for soothing nappy rash on babies. But it works to relieve itchiness on mozzie, hives and eczema for me Super love the smell too haha~


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                          I gt it when i was in my sec sch days. It usually appears when i am feelin very hot and my skin was cover by any cotton or woollen material. I used to wash that area with dettol, but they would simply merge together but would subside after 30mins or so.

                          There was once i was sleeping with my face down on my couch when i woke up with a hot n itchy face. The hives breakout all over my face, but all i do is wash my face with normal cleanser and cold water, the hives all subsided in less than 20mins.

                          They was once i had hives everyday for a week, I approach Guardian Pharmacy before n they recommeded me some flu tablets that contains anti-hisatamin(i forgt is that hw u spell it) but its like Clarinase. It really works, it has been 3months n i didn't have hives anymore. But i would still keep the tablets in my bag all the time.

                          Clarinase is ex, cost about $12 for a box of 10, but the brand i bought which starts with the lettering R(in blue) cost just $6 plus in a box of 20.


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                            Originally posted by buttercrab View Post
                            use warm white vinegar rub with a towel will cure it
                            my mum used this remedy on me too!
                            or u can mix it with water and bath with it!
                            i think there's a kind of wine tt u can bath with too cos my mum also used that on me when i got this prob the last time.
                            the itchness sucks right!
                            oh do take note, dont expose to the wind, it will get worse!


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                              i get hives whenever i come in contact with anything that is mouldy. while my dog will give hives when there is painting works going on around the neighbourhood. usually a jab from the doc soothes everything

                              for myself, when its inconvenient to travel to the doc, i'll use white rice wine. but this works occasionally.

                              its impt to find out what triggers the hives. i think nsc have got some kind of blood test that can be taken to test what one is allergic to. for my dog, the vet sent a sample of her blood to a lab based in states and the blood was exposed to 150 different kinds of common household products.