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    Hi gals...

    I've been rebonding my hair since 5 years ago and i don't realy wanna do it anymore. however, i've got pretty bad curls that kinda sprials at the sides and they're "poking" out really bad!

    i was thinking of getting some DIY straightening stuff.. i've seen these Japanese straightening products over at Basic Beauty @ Hereens. Thinking of using those to make my hair a wee bit straighter while growing it out coz it's curly on top and straight below.. such an eyesore.

    i heard from a friend who previously used the wella straightening cream that it's way too strong and it did dry up her hair pretty badly.. wondering if any of u gals tried these kinda products before?

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    DIY hair creams, similar to hair dyes are stronger in a sense that they only have one formula for everyone. So if u have chemically treated hair, fine thin hair, then ur very prone to damaging it easily. Btw, DIY straightening methods do not produce the kind of effects that u may want.

    If u really wan it straight and neat, better to spend some money and get it done at the salons.


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      hi melly, i had used wella straightening cream before...
      and its really make my hair dry, need to use more conditioner.
      if want a better result, doing it in salon is still a better choice caused got treatment


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        I have natural wavy hairs too and have been doing rebonding for years.

        From my experience, I don't recommend using DIY products. I have tried that myself and I didnt do it properly, hence in the end, the results were very disastrous. The ends become very frizzy and I really want to 'kill' myself! I guess with our hair, rebonding is the only choice unless miracle happens. Else like me, get a good straightening iron also and spende some time straightening it before you go out. It really helps!


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          Can we use a straightening iron on rebonded hair..just rebonded my hair 2 months back....but now new hair growing which is poking out...thinking of using straightening iron...


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            yes, why not? I used them the next day after rebonding..sounds stupid but cos I want to achieve the bob look at my endst..haha...somemore yours are already 2mths old, so I see no issue about it