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Make up while swimming?

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  • Make up while swimming?

    Gals, I have a problem here. I have super problem dark eye circle and I would like to go swimming regularly now. What should I do? Can I wear make up for swimming?

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    i was also wondering about the same thing as well as whether the effect of chlorine in the pool with makeup will harm the skin or not. yesterday i had to pack my fancl cleansing oil to clean my face before i jumped into the pool.


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      dear sn0wy, this should be possible as I've seen a couple of local mags' coverage on this issue like on how you can still look good while swimming. Don't think any harm will be caused between the chlorine and your MU, it's just how you gotta make sure your MU doesn't slide off.

      Hope that helps! (:


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        how about using water proof make up?


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          snowny i dont think its advisable to use makeup. However you can try if there's any tinted sunblock? like boots? hmm.....Anyway, another good way is to wear goggles ALL THE WAY, even when walking to the changing room


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            Dear cUp, wear goggles all the way? Keke that's a good one. I am thinking of using the Shiseido sunblock stick which is coloured. Sigh how do i get rid of my panda eyes?


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              erm.. it'll be better to get waterproof makeup.. i think Biotherm has the range, if i'm not wrong..

              and remember to put lots of sunblock on your face, in case your dark eye circles get darker.. or pigmentation may arise..