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    did a search but couldn't find any.

    anyone tried this salon before? it's in hougang at the same row of shophouses with the famous punggol nasi lemak. took bus past the salon and business seems to be quite good. when i dropped by the shop at night it's closed so can't get the phone no.
    saw the price 25++ for haircut. not sure if it's good. need some reviews before trying out before cny

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    Seen it before!


    I've seen it before too. Looks promising. The prices are quite affordable too. Any reviews on it?


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      I think this had been post for a long time... but i have go and try this salon yesterday, because the salon i wanna to go is close. My hair was cut by a lady name sally. She really did a good job for my hair. My hair cut cost $30. My hair is very long and she did a good job by cutting it short. I veri happy with the result. i will go back again.