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    Hi.. has anyone ordered from Scentual Pleasures before? How long do they take to deliver?

    I placed my order on 27th Nov and ship via Vpost.. up till now, the stuff are still not delivered to Vpost.. I emailed them and Sherri replied that they shipped on Dec 20th.

    1stly, Do they need almost a month to ship my order??
    2ndly, Y does the shipping to Vpost take almost another 2 weeks and still not yet arrive? Yes, given the holiday season but it's way too long... i ordered from AE 1 week after them and still got my stuff earlier than Scentual.

    I ordered somethings meant to be xmas presents.. now i think will become CNY presents...

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    I know some online stores take hell of a time to process the orders. Some reasons could be the amount that u order, lack of stocks, heavy flow of customers (lack of man power), while some are simply inefficient. You should ask them why they actually need close to a mth to process you order.


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      hi Fuyumi, i just send another email asking them to check with the post office what is causing the delay.. sigh.. gotta wait again.. will not order from them again i guess...