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  • Soigne / VECUA Products

    Anyone heard of the skin care product range called Soigne?
    From Japan.. Seems quite good

    Anyone knows about it?

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    yes, tried on a makeup session before.
    but i think it's not quite common in singapore?


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      oh you tried? bec i went to a facial spa (Face Bistro) at Holland Village check out prices on facial and they use VECUA and Soigne products. They gave samples to me and i thought was pretty good, so i see if anyone have tested their products and could give me any reviews.

      Thanks ya


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        I have used their products for several years and I love some of their stuff. My favourite products include:

        -Soigne Special Aquafit Super Moisture Effect
        I use this as a hydrating serum before moisturizer, day and night. It absorbs into my skin quickly and plums up my skin nicely. I like to think that it is because of this product that I am able to put on foundation easily and effortlessly - no chalky feeling. I have been using this product for several years.

        -Soigne (Agnize Curecustard Mask)
        I love this Mask. It has dual functions, can be used daily, and even under the eyes. It cleanses your skin and yet the same time, the custard helps to hydrate your skin. I use this for half an hour sometimes. It dries up without giving you a tight feeling. After washing off, it leaves your skin feeling smooth, non-drying, hydrating and clean. I use this as often as 3-4 times a week. I have finished 1 jar and onto my 2nd jar now.

        -Soigne International Moisturizer (but they have discontinued this)
        I am onto my 2nd jar as well, but too bad they have discontinued this range. What I like about this moisturizer is its texture. It's very soft like custard, absorbs easily into the skin and does not leave a sticky feeling. Very hydrating as well. I think this is best for normal to combination skin. Those who have dry skin might find this not moisturizing enough. I use this only mornings now (since I am trying to prolong use of this product) but it can be used both mornings and nights.

        I am also using other Soigne products which I love, but I guess I will leave the others for another time.

        Below is a pic of how the curecustard mask looks like.


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          Can Soigne Special Aquafit Super Moisture Effect be used as moisturiser?
          is this brand expensive and where to get?


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            Hi Namida, I don't think it can be used as a moisturizer as it does not have any moisturizing properties. It is only for hydrating purposes.
            I got mine from Hongkong. I am not sure if it can be bought locally at the store which the other girls mention they does facial using Soigne products. HTH

            Originally posted by namida
            Can Soigne Special Aquafit Super Moisture Effect be used as moisturiser?
            is this brand expensive and where to get?


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              Ok thanks


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                Sounds quite good, currently looking for a good moisturiser. Are there any websites one can find out more information and what is the price range like? TIA!


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                  i found the website. It is under Sony? there's a HK one and a Japan one. N it is quite expensive imo.



                  Is the Aquafit better for matured skins or younger skins? TIA!
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                    I used the Aquafit previously as a moisturizer and find that it does hydrate my skin nice and well. Very light too.

                    I agree that Soigne is rather expensive but most good skincare are, imo.


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                      hmmm.. read that the curecustard mask is best used with the charge up massager. Are you currently using the charge up massager too? How is it like? Thanx for your help!


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                        Nope, I am not using the charge up massager, so I am not sure how is the result..


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                          okie. do review some other products you've tried when you can, thinking of trying out some of their products. Thank you.


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                            Originally posted by namida
                            Can Soigne Special Aquafit Super Moisture Effect be used as moisturiser?
                            is this brand expensive and where to get?
                            I also tried it at the same place as junia_p78.
                            haven't seen it retailed in any other places.


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                              Hi all,

                              For now, only can get Soigne products at Face Bistro ant Holland Vilage.
                              Prices are really quite steep for me to get a complete range.

                              The Aquafit just melts on your face with no greasiness at all..
                              You feel radiant the next day, the surface of the skin like recharged.