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  • Koji Spring Heart Make Up Range

    Got both the Volume & Curl & Fiber Long & Curl last weekend, tested the latter, excellent performance. i can give my mascara a miss with this. & the curl stays Will try the Volume version tomorrow.

    for this price (@12.90), worth trying

    Yanniez has the tiny brush iirc. how's it, dearie?
    Last edited by vernis; 25-02-2006, 11:40 AM.

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    vernis, where did you buy this mascara? TIA!


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      i saw it at Suntec City Watson. Not all Watson's has, i know Tiong Bahru Plaza don't have.

      Tested the Volume & Curl mascara, i like it make my sparse lashes look thicker, but somehow it can't hold up the curl. Maybe i already have MF 2000 mascara on.


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        Thanks Vel! I really want to try this long & curl mascara!! YAY!! :wow:


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          i got them from Tampines Watsons. the testers were all quite dried up but i just go ahead with the purchases as they are cheap

          for comparison with Fiberwig, i find this Fiber Long works better on my stubborn lash

          i curled with Shu's curler & added 2 coats, it worked


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            suntec's nearer to me.. so i will check this one out there.. i also like to buy cheap & good stuff too vernis! Hehehee. Hopefully, they still got this long & curl mascara when I go there in a couple of days..


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              Sounds kool vernis! Do review on the volume one after u have tried. Btw izit smudge-proof for the long&curl one? tia


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                Didn't realise there was an existing thread for Koji Spring Heart! I've tried the tiny brush and I like it! It's more of a lengthening mascara although it also has some volumising properties. The staying power is great! I had it on for around 8hours today and it was able to hold the curls and didn't smudge! I really like the idea of having a tiny brush, it makes it alot easier to reach the inner corners of the eyes. I think it'd be great for lower lashes too but I have yet to try it there for fear of smudging. Will try it there one day when I'm feeling more adventurous.

                Overall, it's a great product for the minimal price tag!

                edited to add: I got this at Jurong Point Watson's if anyone's interested.


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                  u can get the normal lengthening one as the brush also very anorexic. heee.....

                  ooh no, i yet to open my volume tube. will do so by this weekend.

                  i find removal is slightly easier than Fasio's & more difficult than any other brands i have used.
                  I have to resort to use Fancl MCO (instead of eye removal water) but it left a much lesser mess than the rest.


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                    i saw the mascara in Marina Sq Watsons too & hesitating to try..

                    i noticed their wands are very interesting and of diff shape...

                    so any to recommend?

                    i like to hv thick, lashes tt curled> sounds like the volume & curl..

                    & the tiny wand one sounds good for the inner and outer corners..

                    i wanna try tooo

                    (but missha square mascara is really good alternative too! cheap & good)


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                      Ya I agree with vernis that it's quite difficult to remove. Normally my Missha eye makeup remover does the trick, but for this mascara, I have to double cleanse it with Fancl's MCO to clean it thoroughly. Never tried Fasio before so can't compare.

                      Nevertheless, I really LOVE this mascara, I find it even better than Anna Sui and MaxFactor Lash Perfection! It really hold my curls! And the formula is just nice, not too wet or dry. If you have butter fingers like me and accidentally smudge it on your lids when applying, you can easily clean it off with a tissue! No black marks at all. Finally found my HG mascara!! I strongly urge everyone to get a tube!

                      Vernis pls review on the Volume & Curl soon!


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                        yanniez, i've been wanting to try out this mascara for AGES!!! i can't wait to buy this!!


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                          BUY!! You'll love it!


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                            Hi yanniez, which mascara are u using? The vol one or length? Thks.


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                              can someone post a pic with the mascara on?
                              would love to see the effect. thanks