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  • Butyshop

    I came across this shop at Bugis Junction, The edge. The products look quite interesting, some of them are from taiwan as explained by the SA. The SA was promoting their hand cream while i was there. Apparently, their hand cream is a hot item and they have limited stocks left. I tested it, and it smells quite nice though, but too bad i don't have a habit of using handcream frequently.
    Prices are stated in the website as well.

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    there were no ingredients listed on some of their product packaging, so i'd be careful if i were you


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      The ingredients are listed on the box. I've the Moisturising Ex and Mild Peeling Gel. Both are good. The moisturiser has a very light whipped texture and hydrates adequately without being oily. The Mild Peeling Gel is like Ginvera's Marvel Gel, gentle and effective. Their main shop is at Novena, am looking to buy their Aloe Gel Mask next. Apparently this is the nanotechnology skincare thingy.


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        I just bought their:-

        1) Aloe Vera Mask ($43) - this helps to repair skin and add moisture and can be use a moisturizer
        2) Advanced Reinforcing Concentrate ($45) - This is like the SKII FTE. Helps the rest of the skincare to absorb better.
        3) Chamomile Soothing Mask ($33)

        They are having promotion. For 1st item (for new customer) you are entitled to 50% discount, the rest of the products will be 10% off.

        On top of this discounts, they have buy 1 item, get the sample size for free. Plus 1 free movies ticket to memories of the Geisha.

        They have this Hot item the red wine mask, which is highly recommended by Big S (Taiwan). But i tried on my hand, seems too strong for me, my hand turns red. So i just request for sample size to try first before buying.

        The rest of the range's ingredients seems alright.

        Maybe getting the rest of the stuff when my skincare finish (Still a long way, I have my PC, Kose and Niks Skincare to work on and at least 80 pcs of facial mask, 10 tubs of cream/clay mask )


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          I bought their grapeseed mask at 50% discount at $27.50 as original was $55.
          Also had a DIY facial where I used their cleanser, peeling, aloe vera mask, toner, moisturizer, SPF.
          Good time to try their products at one go!


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            after reading all the raves, i really feel like giving butyshop a shot! does anyone know if the 50% and free movie (geisha) tix promotion is still on? do i still need to have a flyer or anything???

            any updates on the spf 25 sunscreen? and also, which product is suitable for acne scars? sorry for asking so much! TIAs!


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              50% off is avail at outlet in Novena Square


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                I'm using this product now!

                Used their
                1) Mild cleansing gel
                2) Mild peeling gel
                3) Balancing toner
                4) Moisturizing Ex
                5) Grapeseed clarifying crystals
                6) Purifying aloe vera gel

                Have tried b4
                1) Herb oil control serum
                2) Renewal essence

                my face is much better now so i stopped using the latter 2.

                Lemming for the gingko eyecream now.


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                  i bought their gingko eye cream.. balancing toner.. and lip repair.

                  the lip repair is okay only. ahhas. the balancing toner still feeling its effects.. and i like the gingko eye cream. great! hahas. i also tried the red wine and grapeseed sample. loved it! hahas.


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                    Im using their mild cleansing gel too, got it really cheap at about S$20+ for a huge 500ml bottle here in lathers really well but can be a tassle to rinse off, otherwise I think it is a fairly good gentle cleanser that doesn't leave my skin parched.

                    Quite some raves for their masks here and i've got samples for the ginseng and seaweed masks....i find it okay, not fantastic though. Me also lemming for the gingko eye cream until Olay launched their white radiance eye cream which I've read to really work on dark eye circles! Now i'm torn....does the gingko one really work on dark eye circles? I did read that it helps to length the lower eyelashes though!


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                      lengthen lower eye lash?! okay. i'd put it and update. haha.


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                        I love Butyshop's mask, very hydrating and good!
                        Since Butyshop is a Taiwanese brand, I surf a Taiwan Beauty Forum and find that actually their Ginseng and Aloe Mask is very popular. The other popular one is the Peeling gel.

                        I have been using it for 2 weeks, got my bro to help me buy when he was in Taiwan since it is so much cheaper there.

                        Past 2 weeks, I mask everyday. I used their seaweed mask for 15 mins, and then use peeling gel and then followed by the mask. I am using Red Wine mask, and also tried Ginseng mask, Q10 mask.

                        Overall, I would say that the seaweed mask for deep cleansing is effective, coz my face is cleaner and clearer now, i find that some black heads and white heads on my nose and chin are lesser. (But some stubborn black heads are still there, can only be remove when I squeeze them)

                        Peeling gel is good in removing some "dead skin" on my pimples after i have sqeeze them. (I have itchy hands!) After 3 days, most pimple brown spots became smaller and lighter. No flaky skin peeling off my nose also.

                        Lastly, the mask. For 1st 2 days or so, I just slap the gel on my face....and I find it very hydrating and also help calm down some of my angry pimples that I have squeezed. but was disappointed that there was no lightening effect coz it was raved abt by the taiwnese. Then I managed to find that i am supposed to massage the gel on my face for abt 5 mins and then put on one more layer and mask for 20 mins. That's when I find there are some whitening effect after 3 days. Pimples spots become lighter. Overall, I must say I love the mask...........=)

                        Most importantly is to put on your moisturiser after washing off the mask to "lock in" the moisture of the mask.
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                          i like their aloe vera purifying mask and grapeseed crystal masks, they are very good in hydration and you can even use them minimally as moisturiser. My mom uses the ginseng mask and she loves it.

                          The peeling gel is okay though, fall in love with another brand after trying that out. This one is a bit difficult to rub.


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                            I have used ZA megavoltage and find Butyshop peeling gel so much better. =)

                            Can share with us which brand u fall in love for? =)


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                              i love laneige strawberry yoghurt peeling gel, it's really very good!
                              i don't like za metavoltage, useless totally!