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    hi here's a thread for us to discuss what we think of the disney tlcs....

    ok i bought daisy, cleo's coral kiss and miss bunny.

    DAISY: the colour is nice...but i think when i tried seemed a tad too red on me (i m pretty fair) i have to put a layer of my cultured lipglass to tone the colour down.. and after that colour is pretty least in my opinion

    CLEO'S CORAL KISS: this is my favourite amongst the 3 tlcs....i like the orangy coral colour and when it goes onto my lips it turns a bit peachy-pink.....and pretty sheer.. gives me a very sunny feeling

    MISS BUNNY: the pink is pretty subtle and nice. i pretty like this tlc as well... a MUST have for fans of the colour PINK....

    maybe this review won't help any of you who are planning to buy the disney tlc...but i just want to share my opinions on the tlcs...pls feel free to share yours!

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    Well I have only Miss Bunny and Coquettish Clarice, might be getting Daisy Daze tomorrow

    Miss Bunny: I love pink shades so this is my fav out of the 2 I have! Very sweet looking when you put it on!

    Coquettish Clarice: The MA recommended this to me (cos I asked her which one should I get between this and Daisy Daze) reason being this has the cutest cover and it is of a rather natural colour, almost similar to my lips, so I can wear it any time.


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      Daisy Daze: I've only got this so far though waiting for Coquettish Clarice, Miss Bunny and Tempting Tille to come..Had tried all colours at counter.

      I'm mid fair. This colour looks red. but just nice on my 'slightly pigmented' lips..can be worn on its own (to the market nearby) or layered with Of Corset for a pretty colour.

      I've tried Coquettish Clarice. The most natural shade of all.

      Tempting Tille : Nude shade. Getting this to wear under nude lippie.

      Miss Bunny : Rather pink on me. But i like the cover.


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        well my mum just bought me clarice...after i bugged her to...cause i am broke.

        Clarice is a shade of coral pink. i love it on my lips....really natural and nice...


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          haha, good for you geeko.. where did you get it from?


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            when u girls try tlc at the counter, what do u use to put it on your lips?


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                i did not try it on..i jus put on my hand..but so far the 4 disney tlcs are really nice..but daisy a tad too red
                i have to tone it down


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                  getting my tint toons tommorow from isetan scotts.. i'm sooo happy now cos the ma just called me
                  anyway did anyone own tempting tillie? is it nice? seems like this one not so popular among the 5..


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                    They're out at Isetan Scotts?! :wow: The MA hasn't called me yet...


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                      Originally posted by oblivion
                      when u girls try tlc at the counter, what do u use to put it on your lips?
                      Cotton bud


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                        the ma bluffed me.... never called me to say the tint toons are out...hahah but any way i have gotten 4 of the tint toons from tangs. that's why sometimes i have skepticism about reserving things...the ma sometimes forget....i'm glad i've gotten my tint fav is cleos kiss and clarice....recommended!

                        news spread faster in CC....i think next time i am not goin to reserve anything...but to rely on CC to know the date of release of the LEs.....MAs have lotsa things to do and they might forget..

                        aimee: i saw the ma wear tempting tillie's a VERY nude's like you never put anything on...I wouldn't recommend u to buy this...unless u like the container
                        Last edited by geeko; 20-01-2006, 04:25 PM.


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                          I just called Isetan Scott nobody pick up the phone *arrghh bish* wanted to reserved 5 TLC for me!! Btw thanks geeko for the reviews so nice of you to share! So very the tempting!!!


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                            cc is one of the fastest info source


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                              do share your reviews of the tlcs after u have gotten yours fellow cotters. Thanks!