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    this is going to be a long post so be ready for it..

    did a search and saw that this is not mention here.
    Gotten this from Vogue forum think last year.

    (CBS)*Over 90 percent of teenagers have a bout with acne, but it's not just an adolescent problem -- more than 50 percent of adults also suffer from blemishes.

    Despite all the antibiotics prescribed for acne (Tetracyclin, Doxycyclin, Accutane -- to name a few) in many cases, the acne returns, and is considered incurable. Patients are often coached on how to "live with it" or "accept themselves the way they are."

    Aside from the physical discomfort, acne patients can suffer serious psychological trauma. They feel ashamed of their appearance, and some even feel the acne is their fault. And of course, this kind of stress tends to aggravate the acne and make breakouts worse. It's a vicious cycle.

    Adding to this vicious cycle are several myths about acne. Some of the more popular myths include: greasy foods cause acne; chocolate causes acne; zits are caused by dirt; the more you scrub, and dry-up your skin, the less you'll break out.

    Dr. Terry Dubrow, a plastic surgeon based in Newport Beach, Calif., says first a patient must understand the true origins of acne (genetic) and then find a proper cure. He visits The Early Show on Thursday to shed some light on the subject.

    According to Dr. Dubrow, acne has four distinct stages, and you must attack all four in order to wipe it out. The stages are:

    1. Dry cells mixed with sebum and block the pores;
    2. Sebum ballon builds up behind the clog;
    3. Bacteria infect the build-up
    4. Curative inflammation spreads the condition.

    In an effort to combat all four, Dr. Dubrow has come up with the Acne Cure. The following is his Acne Cure program:

    Step 1 SALICYLIC ACID. (Morning and night) Clean away excess dead cells and bacteria from the skin's surface, without over-drying it. The best ingredient to wash your face with is a 2 percent salicylic acid product (widely available in drugstores). Put a penny-size amount in the palm of your hand, add a few drops of warm water, lather, and massage (in circular motion) to affected areas. Let the SA sit for a few minutes, then gently wash off with warm water. The SA has two benefits: an anti-inflammatory, and an antioxidant for the skin's surface.

    Step 2 GLYCOLIC ACID. (Only in the morning) After you've rinsed away the SA product, apply 8-10 percent glycolic acid product, in an identical manner. Let it sit and wash it off with warm water. The benefits of GA: digs deeper down (while the SA cleans the surface) to loosen "cemented-in" plugs.

    Step 3 BENZOYL PEROXIDE (Only at night) Wash off SA and run an ice cube over the affected areas, to cool and soothe (be careful not to freeze the skin!) Apply the BP (kept cold in refrigerator), but run ice cube across palm of hand, so product doesn't warm up when you rub and apply to face (in identical manner as the SA and the GA). Leave the BP on for 10 minutes, and lie down with ice packs on the affected areas (opens pores, reduces inflammation, relaxes you). When you're through, wipe off excess BP with a soft cloth. Allow the rest to sit overnight.

    Step 4 MOISTURIZER (Morning and throughout the day) Apply an oil-free moisturizer to the face with an SPF of at least 15. Sun reduces the skin's resistance to bacterial attack.

    Once your face (neck, and back too) are in the clear, patients must follow-up with a maintenance program.

    Read an excerpt from his book:
    1 Skin

    "Dr. Terry Dubrow?s wife, Heather Paige Kent, star of the CBS drama That?s Life, awoke one morning, appalled. ?Terry, look at my face! I?ve totally broken out. I?m due on the set in three days. Is there anything you can do??

    Of course, Heather knew that her husband, a board-certified plastic surgeon and director of the Acne Clinic of Newport Beach, California, had been working on protocols to cure acne quickly and safely. What she didn?t yet know was that he had finally found the answer. The panic she felt was based on her assumption that acne is only partially treatable, if at all.

    That assumption is false. This is the truth:
    Using the techniques outlined in this book,
    acne can be completely eliminated in
    95 percent of all cases even the most severe
    ones in 6 weeks or less. These techniques start
    to work in 24 hours.

    In the remaining 5 percent of the cases, the Acne Cure program will generally reduce the severity of acne. Later in the book, we will discuss what additional steps you can take to get rid of the remaining traces of the disease - even in the toughest cases.

    Whether you?re White, Black, Asian, or Hispanic; whether you?re a teenage boy with pimples or a mature man suffering from acne aggravated by razor bumps and ingrown beard hairs; whether you?re a teenage girl who feels she can?t get a date because of her zits, or a woman whose face is disfigured by the blotchy inflammation of severe acne, your condition can be cured.

    When we say ?cured,? we mean that in almost all cases -even the toughest - the acne cure program we describe in this book will eliminate virtually all blemishes, inflammation, redness, whiteheads, and blackheads within no more than 6 weeks. Milder cases may be resolved in only a few days or even - as in Heather?s case - overnight. Sure, there may be recurrences (although they are unlikely if you stick to the maintenance program), but they too can be rapidly resolved, usually in just a few days.

    And if that isn?t a cure, we don?t know what is!

    Some purists argue that getting rid of the symptoms but knowing that in some cases they may return means that this is not a full cure. All we know is that, like hundreds of Dr. Dubrow?s other patients, male and female, Heather?s acne disappeared. Three days after her skin eruptions, Heather went back to work with a smile on her face, and not a blemish in sight.

    In the next few chapters, we will describe exactly how the cure works. However, first you have to understand what skin is, how it works, and what you can do to keep it healthy throughout your life. Not only is healthy skin less likely to be attacked by acne or other skin diseases, but it also looks so much better.

    And who doesn?t want young-looking, healthy, glowing acne-free skin?


    Gotten this from Amazon


    Just like many of the reviewers here, I have tried EVERYTHING over the years, prescription medication (oral and topical), vitamins, Proactive, diet, 2 courses of acutane. Nothing worked, and my skin is very sensitive, and naturally very oily, and scars very easily. I bought this book over 1 year ago and finally understood the reasons behind how acne developed, and the need to use different products to control different phases of the acne cycle.

    After putting the scientific information in this book together with other books, my routine is this:

    Morning: Wash 1x with 2% Salicylic Wash - Oil Free Acne Wash, Neutrogena ($5), then wash again with Proactive's 2.5% BP cleanser. Use Proactive's toner and 2.5% BP treatment cream, then spf 30 sunscreen.

    Evening: Wash 1x with Noxema Triple Clean Cleanser--has Triclosan ($5), then wash again with Glycolic Acid - 7% Glycolic Exfoliating Wash, DDF. ($27, Sephora). Then sometimes use a 2% hydroquinone product to slowly remove scars, but usually nothing else at night.

    Washing my face twice morning and night with these products has eliminated the severe acne I had for 17 years. All of these products are good in themselves (Proactive is good with BP, because their delivery system gets the BP deep within the pores. The triclosan cleanser is good because it eliminates surface bacteria from the skin, glycolin acid is good because it lifts dead skin cells and rejuvenates skin.) But when I finally understood that they all had to work together to eliminate acne, and stuck to the program, is when I had amazing results. It has been about a year of 97% acne free.

    HTHs.. and if anyone is on this program, please review.. thanks.

    Btw, Avene Diacneal has 6% GA.

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    Thank you very much for your effort to post this thread!!!

    I suffer from Acne since age of 17.

    i will try the above method to cleanse and wash the face but one question, where can we purchase Noxema Triple Clean Cleanser ?? Glycolic Acid - 7% Glycolic Exfoliating Wash ??and a 2% hydroquinone product ?

    Thank you for your prompt reply!!



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      Most of the products that the reviewer use can be purchase from Sephora.

      For me, i am using a normal cleanser. Then Murad Clarifying lotion which contain 1% SA, and Murad Acne Cream and then Moisturiser, Sunscreen. For night, cleanse face as usual, Murad Clarifying lotion, Avene Diacneal which contain 6% GA then moisturiser.

      I have just started this program so i cannot comment on the effectiveness. But i have no choice cause my face is ruin my Vitasence..



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        Hi,Thx for the article! i may decide to try it out. Btw, do anyone of you know where i can buy Avene Dicneal from? Anywhere in Singapore sells this product? ****** hope that you can help **! Thx!


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          Hi All actually quite new here just here to share so good news, today I actually saw my customer and her face all acne subside in two weeks time. Actually I asked her to get flower calendula herbs to drink she did it and her face look alot better .Just add in root burdock if possible. remaining use to wash face. (must get the pure herb) REAL GOOD MUST TRY!!!!!!!


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            Hi All actually quite new here just here to share so good news, today I actually saw my customer and her face all acne subside in two weeks time. Actually I asked her to get flower calendula herbs to drink she did it and her face look alot better .Just add in root burdock if possible. remaining use to wash face. (must get the pure herb) REAL GOOD MUST TRY!!!!!!!


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              what is all these herbs called in chinese? because am not so sure if those medical halls understand what calendula and burdock is? and pls share where is a good place to buy if possible? Thanks much chuling_tay83!!


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                HI , i go thru website and after clicking some Murad products and to check out!!!

                i realised it is not ship INTERNATIONALLY!!! why, why, why??


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                  Sephora doesn't ship internationally nor accept International CC.

                  To purchase Murad, you can go to or
                  The latter offer free shipping but items is slightly more expensive then the former. Do read through the Murad thread to get a rough idea on shipping charges for beauty prescriptions IIRC it is mention there.



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                    Its in english you need to an organic vege shop to buy its tea leaf some where in cuppage plaza if I am not wrong if you wan I got to check with my customer.Will get back to you soon.


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                      Hi Cel that message is post by me I accidently used the wrong ID.SORRY


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                        thanks dear!! let me know where is a good place to get all these all at once.


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                          hi nalgene, thank you for your reply.

                          i intended to order the acne complex kit but Strawberry dun have the kit but just individual tube.

                          ok!! i shall order thru BP!!!!


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                            hi Cel I will be going dwn to the shop to get this tea leafs after cny its for my customer . Its at cuppage but I do nt have address with me yet its in my shop you wan me to get for you and pass it to you or you wan to go to shop yourself.Do you need it urgently? Is your acne very serious.If you dun mind you can call me I will tell you more if you need to know more about the herbs you can go yahoo search you can get some info .thanks.


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                              how much does it cost? does it taste sweet or bitter?