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how to prevent fine lines on lips?

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  • how to prevent fine lines on lips?

    hi fellow cotters!!!

    i started using lipbalm when lips dried out because of a certain product. however, i started to find some fine lines on my lips after using lipbalm religiously. i also discovered some lipbalms left my lips super 'wrinkly'~!!

    have you experienced this before??? or do you know of any preventive measures for fine lines on lips? share your experiences!!!

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    i saw one new product from clinique that reduces the fine lines on lips..duno hw true is that though..its quite ex..$59 but i think it looks more like a lip balm to me..anyone tried it?


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      Hi I came across this lip treatment from JILL LOWE dun know have you heard of that real good help prevent if its already dry you used it you will feel mucl better but only use in the nite cos quite sticky abit ex but if you wan to buy call my beautcian and say you are from cozycot member she can give you 20% I think its around 40 plus b4 discount.


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        selphie: Huh??? Contrary to what you experienced, i find that my lips are always baby smooth after the lipbalm's been absorbed..


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          hmm i've never had this problem, unless i keep licking my lips. heh.
          i'm using kiehl's #1 lip balm. it does moisturise my lips really well.
          or is it because you are dehydrated?


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            Originally posted by crazyshopaholic
            selphie: Huh??? Contrary to what you experienced, i find that my lips are always baby smooth after the lipbalm's been absorbed..
            which lip balm do u use?


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              hi all! ya i know it sounds kinda weird right... it happens when i use certain brands of lip balm/gloss. for example the QV lipbalm. like i felt like after using it my lips were full of lines here and there... not dry but just looks very 'wrinkly'... sorry if it sounds confusing! does anyone else experience this or is it just me?

              thanks happybean for the recommendation! hope to try the neutrogena one soon.

              umm back to the topic, any one knows of any ways to prevent/treat fine lines on lips?


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                What really happen to your lips? And which lipbalms cause your lips to be dry? Describe the wrinkly part? Don't quite understand. teehee.


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                  my friend used vaseline lip balm...and when she stopped using there was this extra layer of redness over her upper lip that made her look she has a sausage mouth...she tried washing it away..but she couldn't. So what's wrong? she said she has been using it for ages and nothing happened till she stopped using


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                    sorry if i caused some confusion here!!! ok so let me try my best to explain again. my lips started getting dry so i decided to start using a lipbalm. the dryness got better. however, i realised that after using a lipalm, my lips had more lines. kinda look like old granny like that. *think wrinkly* especially so when i use certain brands. i'm not too sure about the cause... whether it is that my lips are still dehydrated or some ingredients in the lipbalm/gloss... wonder if anyone experienced this before or is it really just me...


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                      That is so strange. Never come across this sort of problem. The only problem I know of is skin allergy reactions due to certain ingredients from the lipbalm. But you mentioned u used several brands. It sounded as if you are using a few brands at ONE go. If so, stick to a suitable one.

                      Dry lines might suggest you
                      1. Use an unsuitable lipbalm 2. Allergy 3. Products expired 4. Dryness around the skin of your mouth.

                      Normally I would suggest to girlies who have reactions or dry lined lips to use Fragrance-Free lipbalm.

                      Try M.A.C lipbalm that comes in a pot. Comes in Tinted colors as well. I forgot its name.
                      Clinique SuperBalm Lip Treatment .

                      Both fragrance-free. What the lipbalm does, compared to drugstores', is that it treat your lip condition by penetrating into your lips instead of its surface only and moisturise it thoroughly. Fine lines will be plumped up and Taaadaaa, no more fine lines.

                      Vaseline lip treatment is good too. Economical price.

                      Hard Flaky Skin / Loose Flaky Skin

                      If you have hard flaky skin, or rather some flakes, on your lips, get a scrub or use your normal daily scrub.
                      Gently scrub your lips in circular movements, rinse and put on lipbalm immediately before hitting the sack.
                      If not, you can apply it during your skincare application. Same goes for morning.

                      Note: Only do it when there is flake, if not you'll bleed and cracks will form.



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                        lwz: I use Neutrogena lipbalm, the stick one. Go try it, it's cheap & !

                        selphie: Maybe you could try Neutrogena lipbalm? I've been using this for years.. I've tried many other brands on the market, both drugstore brands & pricey ones, but i always find myself going back to this. Worth a try IMO. HTHS.


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                          yup happybean~ they do resemble those soaked up fingertips! haha seems like our lips kinda weird yar?

                          thanks crazyshopaholic & jeaniebabie for the recommendations!!! i've heard raves for all those you've mentioned! may i know the price for the MAC/Clinique lipbalm??? thanks so much dear cotters!!!


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                            SGD S$26 M.A.C, SGD $27 Clinique (Non-Tinted)


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                              The other day i saw the Taiwan variety beauty show..."NU REN WO JUI DA" ...there's this make up competition between 2 actresses for the theme of Valentine's Day. The japanese actress took out a bottle of "silicone" which she said serves as a purpose to reduce the fine lines and make ur lips more juicy for long hours! Don't know whether is it selling in Singapore anot~