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    Raves thread!

    Today I met a relative who got her eyelash permed there, and it was perfect. Not those squarish type of perm, this was like zoooom rounded lashes! Her sister (also my cousin) just had a facial done today, and her skin was dewy and moist, unlike my reddish skin after I'm done with my facials. I hear that the facialists are very personal, their products are from USA and they dont do extraction-they believe in lympathic drainage massage or something like that.

    Does anybody else have a rave/rant on this place?

    PS. I heard that the facialists are also owners, and they were previously from Cl**ins, a famous facial institute.

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    I am tempted. I seldom do facial as i really hate to come out with reddish skin due to extraction. Any kind sould knows the brand of the products that they are using?

    pinkedgloss> Can give me the contact and location of BZ Body?


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      I'm tempted too! I want to start going for facials...and the thought of 'dewy and moist' skin as described above is luring me in to try their services! I went to their shop but they were closed for the new year...

      I've got their brochure here with me now and they're located at #04-78 Far East Plaza. And if this helps, here's a list of the types of facials they provide:

      Busto facial: $95: 1 hr 15 mins
      We'll not only work on the face and chest but all the way to the bust line.

      1. Skin Humidifier
      A skin hydrating treatment that will quench your skin's thirst, introducing balance to the skin. Bask in the soothing warmth of this treatment.

      2. Oil Refinery
      A purifying treatment specially designed to draw up impurities, re-balancing the skin and giving you a new shine-free look

      3. Rosy White
      A whitening treatment to brighten and bring out the best in your skin, promoting rosy looking skin. This treatment helps even out skin tone.

      4. Tense-up
      A firming treatment that is designed to strengthen your skin. This session aids in building up collagen and elastin fibres which helps reduce fine lines, increasing skin elasticity and redefining youthful looking features.


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        Which level is this located?


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          located on 4th floor. look above for the exact address.

          yups i heard that this busto treatment is a pioneer in singapore. i think its copyrighted also

          im going this wednesday to try out their eyelash perming! its 48$.
          the web is, but i dont think its up yet because the owners are just too busy!

          if anybody wants celine's number, can PM me.

          oh btw, ALL the facialist are from CL*rins... or so i heard.

          if you think 95$ for 1hour plus is expensive, celine tells me that the facialist will not leave you with a mask on your face or whatever unlike another beauty salons... they will be there with you throughout the entire duration.


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            do they offer other services? like face only? or something? all the way to bustline? woah.. too much for me..


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              nono i dont think they massage your boobs or whatever. i asked about that too. they go all the way down to the chest area, because some people have pimples and everything there. besides, you know how some women have nice skin but saggy necks? i think the treatment is to prevent such things from happening.


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                i think they offer eyelash perming? 48$. might be pricy but at least i can vouch for it.


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                  bzbody having bust promotion now @ $99.... Have anyone tried this? Care to share your experience??


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                    hey girls, thought id share this promotion with you.

                    bzbody at FEP having eyelash perming for 25$ for students... i think there's a certain time (should be in the afternoon).

                    can call 62386737 to find out more. i have seen the results - not too bad for the price. at least its not L-shaped, but rather smooth round curves.

                    x-posted to the eyelash perming thread


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                      i made an appointment for the bustofacial

                      ...after reading this cc thread and a rave on a blog (i googled "bzbody"). it was vivien who answered the phone and she sounded professional and knowledgeable.

                      the newbies promotion mentioned on bzbody's website is still on-going. bustofacial + polish&wraps for $95.00, so that's like a 50% discount.

                      my beauty indulgence on sat: waxing & pedicure & my first facial in 7 months!


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                        hope you have a gd facial, do share your experience okay!


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                          pinkedgloss! i will write a review after trying them out.


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                            review on bzbody bustofacial

                            i was so pleased and impressed with vivien and celine's services that i signed up for the 8 bustofacial package

                            my experience:
                            • polish&wraps left my skin feeling smooth and soft. the treatment is essentially a full body scrub, followed by a wrap in a plastic sheet and under a heating pad so that i would perspire, then a shower to wash the scrub particles off and body moisturizer all over.
                            • i had the dewy and moist face after the bustofacial!! only i'd asked vivien to do some extraction coz i was quite vexed with my strawberry nose... of course, because of the extraction my face was a little red and i went out afterwards!! ARGH~~ i won't "act smart" on my next facial...

                            celine did the polish&wraps for me as vivien is expecting and cannot exert herself too much (the scrub and massage was quite vigorous), then after the session she was called away because her regular customer walked in without an appointment and had to have an urgent treatment done (why urgent? travelling, possibly?).

                            she didn't just walk away, she asked if vivien could do the bustofacial for me and politely explained why she could not. i didn't mind that i had to change therapists (after all, my polish&wraps session was over). Also, I thought it would be cool that I get to experience both their "hands" in one day!

                            although celine and vivien do not do extractions (they said extractions often scar the skin), they will do it on request, so i asked vivien to do some extraction for me. she did not use any tools, just her fingers and tissue paper. she didn't press very hard, but i had forgotten how easily my skin reddens... and of course it would be the day that my friends decide they wanna go clubbing after dinner... SIGH~ think anyone could tell i'd gone for a facial. ha ha~

                            if there are any questions about my experience at bzbody, i'd be happy to answer them. in the meantime you can view their website for promotions and list of treatments.
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                              wow beloved, seems like i must go try soon. how much did you pay for your package, care to share?