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  • Lipsticks (Not Gloss)

    Hi Cotters,

    Currently, I need to get myself lipsticks( not gloss! )- Matte and Moisturising, fragrance free. My knowledge of varying lipsticks are limited only to Clinique and a few other brands. Please introduce some good brands by specifically identify its range. When it comes to drugstores's brands like Loreal, Maybelline, Revlon, Canmake, it's either the colors are limited or my lips reacts to its ingredients( allergy- Contact Dermatitis). So I am not too confident on off-shelves brands.

    I am rather sick of Clinique's lipsticks except for its superbalm. Kindly introduce some good ones so that I can go straight to the counter itself.


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    I like Shiseido Maquillage and T'estimo lipsticks, but they are not really matte. I also think Cosme Decorte makes nice lipsticks!


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      ******? Is it fragrance free? How is the texture like? and M.A.C lipsticks good?


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        all are unfragranced excpept I think Cosme Decorte l/s have a faint scent. I like the texture in all 3 brands. MAC l/s are nice and unfragranced, but I think I felt they are a bit drying


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          i love MAC lipstick!!!

          esp amplified creme texture!!


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            I was just thinking of getting a MAC lipstick.

            Anyone has a nice/ your fav colour to recommend?


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              MAC lipsticks aren't fragrance-free right? There's always this vanilla scent in all their lip products, which I actually love. My all-time favourite has to be Hug Me! It's a lustre so it is not drying. It is very natural, a slightly pinkish MLBB lippie - goes with any makeup looks! My other fave is Viva Glam V, which has a bit more pink than Hug Me and some glitter bits. But Hug Me still wins hands down


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                oh yea, you are right! They have a vanilla scent It's really nice, not that annoying lippie scent some brands use


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                  i'm quite sensitive to fragranced-lippie as well...
                  however, i do not notice much from MAC.

                  currently, my fav from MAC is Cherish...Nude look.
                  MAC amplified creme is not that drying. else you can put on lip balm prior.

                  another matt one is Clarins.
                  super matt. too matt for me actually. very pigmented.


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                    Cosmo is my first MAC lipstick too! Its nice nudish pink. Great to pair with any lipglass too. I heard from MA that cosmo is the top selling MAC lippie in the world.. I wonder how true it is?


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                      MA say Cherish is the top seller in Japan.
                      So now we know which are top sellers.


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                        MAC's Amplified Creme lipsticks win hands down! I can't really recommend a colour as I'm not sure what'll suit you but go find Larry at Scotts! He'll surely tell you what would look nice


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                          Lipsticks? to be honest, for me i'm not a lipstick person at all, i'm more of a lipgloss person.

                          I only own 1 lipstick among the tonnes of other makeup.

                          And that only lipstick i have is GA #5 sheer lipstick. It's love at first try after let me try hers.
                          I simply looooove the texture. It's like lip balm texture but with more pigments and very very smooth application. I want more GA sheer lipsticks!


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                            OOooo...I always thought I have super sensitive lips to off-shelves brands like Loreal and Maybelline. But I am so wrong. A few days ago, I was in urgent need for a color on my lips because my classmates and I were going to club straight from school. Omg, clubbing!! and I look so pale! W/o a lipcolor, I looked really pale even with full make-up on. (Eyecolor, blusher, foundation, mascara blaa)

                            So my classmate lent me hers. The mini lipstick was a new sample she got anyway and I did not asked what brand that was. After trying, I realise the lipstick was so moisturising on me, creamy and the color is so so so so fantastic.

                            Snap! I knew this is what I have been longing for. I found out it was Loreal's Cream Glam Shine(Sweet Nude). Howvever, it has fragrance which is a minus-point for me. Still, I love it to the core. Creamy, moisturising, quite long-lasting color, no immediate allergy reaction to it.

                            Loreal's Cream Glam Shine!!!
                            Go check it out, ya.



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                              Oh really?! :wow: Got to go try my sample soon too.. But does the colour feather on your lips?