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how to read expiry dates of products

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  • how to read expiry dates of products

    As above, I remember there used to be such a thread, but I can't seem to find it anymore, anyone still remembers how to interpret the alphabets to the expiry dates of skincare products?

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    I am interested to know too. Any kind soul to help?


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      it's under the sasa thread here


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        Thanks so much lynnkoh03!


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          u r most welcome! hehe i found it very useful too!


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            Oh I have one more to add for Guerlain..

            The manufacture date is in the code, not the expiry though..

            First number is the year
            eg. 5xxx means manufactured in 2005
            4xxx means manufactured in 2005 etc..

            The next 3 numbers I dun have a clue, but the larger the number and alphabet means the later it's manufactured...

            I did check several glosses to find the newest batches during the Luxasia sale once.. The SA was pretty nice, even helped me find


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              if I'm not wrong, the alphabet refers to the month. A for Jan, B for Feb and so on.. then e next number will be the batch numbers..


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                how to read expiry / manuf date of products

                hi, does anyone know if there is any way we can find out the manufacture and expiry date of products ? I know some brands like avene, roc, jurlique show the exp date on the box so it easy to tell but many counter brands dont. brands like clinique, estee, lancome etc only show the duration after opening but they don't state the date of manu or expiry. Usually the SA will tell you if left unopened, the shelflife is 3 years. If it's opened, it's usually 12months or 24months, depending on what's stated on the box or bottle. My concern is what if the manu date was eg dec2004 and they are still selling it, though the products have yet to expire ? Preferably I do not want to purchase products close to expiry but without any indication, we have no idea whether the product is fresh.


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                  It's easy.If the product doesn't have the expiry date specifically mentioned it will have a caption that would read "BEST BEFORE USE FROM DATE OF MANUFACTURE."For eg say the sunscreen you are using will have a mnaufacture date as 20/09/07 and another caption would read best before use - 24 months from date of manufacturing. So you get an Idea.Other wise you could consult the store keeper and in case even he fails to help you out try another related product that has the necessities you are looking for.


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                    Manufacture date can be quite tricky. Cosmetics companies don't like to print manufacturing date on their products, but they leave batch number, which can be used to tell manufacturing date.

                    I have some at home, will post them here once I get back.


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                      I will normally call the office direct to ask them when is the expiry date. So far, they are pretty helpful.


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                        Usually you can either call or email the company to get the shelf life of your products once opened.
                        I did email Loreal before rgd a body lotion and got a reply pretty quickly.


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                          Originally posted by lyuira View Post
                          Manufacture date can be quite tricky. Cosmetics companies don't like to print manufacturing date on their products, but they leave batch number, which can be used to tell manufacturing date.

                          I have some at home, will post them here once I get back.
                          hi lyuira, I agree, many companies dont' print date of manu or expiry at all. yes please tell me how to get read the batch no. I'd like to know so I would know not to get "old" stocks. thanks.


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                            Sorry, I forgot to consult my "reference" this morning.

                            Will try again tonight. See what work is doing to me.

                            Anywayz, when opened, most products will last for 6months - 12 months, unless otherwise stated. Powders last longer and so do products loaded with preservatives. Eye products should be discarded after 6 months, coz of contamination and proximity to, well, the eye. However, I pity throwing away my pretty eyeshadows, so I still use

                            Personally, I find that TBS products go rancid very very quickly, some haven't even lasted me a month. When I first bought their seaweed cream, it was wonderful on my skin. But barely a month later, it became an ordinary moisturizer and lost all the effect.


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                              Ah, found this on some forum, sounds similar to what I remember:

                              L'oreal group products, like Lancome, HR, loreal paris, biotherm, TBS, batch number begins with a letter for location, and a letter for year, and 3 numbers for days. and for the year, A stands for 2004, B stands for 2005. Z is skipped, because it looks like "2", so "Y" would denote 2003.

                              The number stands for the number of the day in a year when the item was manufactured.

                              For example, CA363 means it was produced on the 363th day of 2004. so, it's Dec. 2004.

                              All estee lauder group products use the same way. you can find all of them are marked the same way when you check these brands, MAC, EL, CLINIQUE, ORIGINS, OR LA MER. Letter stands for location (I think), then the last number denotes the year and the previous number/letter should denote the month. So A34 means, Belgium March 2004 (Hey! I bought this last year from Clinique's counter - so much for carrying "fresh" cosmetics).

                              For Clarins, the batch number begins with the year number followed by 2 numbers standing for month and other 3 numbers standing for specific batch. For example: 505131: it was produced in May 2005.

                              For Christian Dior, there are 4 characters. the first 2 are related to production date. the first number means year. 1---2001, 2---2002, 3---2003, and so on. The second letter stands for month. A- Jan, B--Feb., C---March, and so on. BUT, since the lettler "I" looks very similar to the number "1", so "I" is skipped. so only ABCDEFGHJKLM are used. M stands for Dec. for example, 5B13 means it was produced on Feb. 2005.

                              I don't know about P&G and hence SKII and the likes. Will try to find out. Let me know if you think it works.
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