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    >_> I guess I didn't do my EOTD with the Belgian Chocolates... I'll get to that one day, but my new obsession is false eyelashes! <3

    Application wise, I glue them on from under the lashes. Though the evaporation of the alcohol in the glue does make things go a little funky for a little while, I find that it actually speeds up the application process since it's much easier to control. Also, I personally find that it helps blend the fake eyelashes into my natural lashes. (*As a side note, I wear these fake lashes until they naturally fall off.) Since if I put on the eyelashes on top, then you can't curl my natural lashes without messing up the fake ones. Thus after I shower or wash my face, my naturally straight eyelashes would stick out. Now if I put them under, then the fake lashes will curl -into- my straight lashes, thus blending the two together. BUT I still want to find a way where I can curl my natural lashes without messing up the falsies. :3

    Without further delays...

    Tools used:
    Tweezerman tweezers
    Ardell LashTite Adhesive
    Quo Individual lashes (811 and 812)

    This is an expensive obsession for a student!!


    It's been quite a while since I've posted anything. As I've gotten new eyeshadow palettes for being such a good girl for Christmas, I've decided to make an EOTD!

    Egyptian sands is quite a beautiful set of neutrals, however the colours are very similar to my own colouring thus it doesn't show up very well. My room's lighting makes things quite worst! All the eye shadows are shimmery.

    I applied the eyeshadows using a sponge applicator. And the little sponge applicator that comes along with the palette is actually quite useful in lining the eyes!

    Tomorrow I'm going to make one with Belgian Chocolates!

    Tools used:
    Shiseido eyelash curler
    Nameless sponge eyeshadow applicator
    The little sponge applicator that came along with the palette

    Products used:
    Wet 'n' Wild MegaEyes in Egyptian Sands
    L'oreal Voluminous Waterproof mascara
    Dejavu Fiberwig mascara


    haha, my brother's gf made up my face when i asked her to. she decided to do my eyes too.

    note: you can't really see the colours in the last picture.. >_< the lighting is -really- bad, and it looks horrible when i tried taking the picture with flash.

    shiseido tinted moisturizer - light
    mac studio stick concealer - NC30
    red earth loose powder - BE132
    red earth blush - CI030

    Great Lash Washable Mascara - black..?
    bonnebell eyedefiner [pencil] - espresso and black ink
    red earth - trio contrast eyeshadow in PK034
    red earth - single eyeshadow PK105

    burt's bee beeswax lip blam
    mac lipglass - lust

    she [my brother's gf] said she applied everything very lighthanded.. that's all she wants to say. [she's sitting beside me]


    this is me without any sort of makeup on, and i have really pale lips that make me look really dead. >_< i always look like some vampire..

    anyways, i'm really horrible with makeup.. and i just want to add some colour to my lips. i love lipglosses though, i just don't know which colour [or brand] to choose from. =)

    ^^ any comments are welcomed.. thank you!

    this is how i look [please don't mind the bad lighting] :
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    actually you don't look that pale... just that you needed some colours... i think you can start up with some clear gloss... i think you can try clinique as their glosses gives you nice shine. i also like bourjois as the smell is nice. i would also advice that you give your cheeks some colour when you apply lipgloss so you won't look halfway done... i'll recommend orangy shades for you as you look fair...


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      so u r from canada! then u must know MAC?

      well, you can try the MAC tinted lip conditioners (TLC) for a tinge of colour for your lips while moisturising them at the same time. They have a cute limited edition range now with the disney characters packaging on the lids. check out the cosmetics thread for more tips and info!


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        I will second MAC's TLC too.. It provides a tinge of colour. If you want more colour on weekends or special days,then you can get MAC's lipglass. Purrr, lychee lux are popular colours, You can check out the MAC's lip colours thread for more ideas yar.


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          oh ^^ wee~ i get to open new stuff then cause one of my aunts bought me a pair of MAC lipglass. Lust and... 'song and dance'. And as for liptint, do you think Burt's Bees lip shimmer is alright? [in rhubarb]

          =) i have a LOT of unopened things at home. Most of my relatives live in hong kong so they get me makeup for christmas


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            hi azrael2455, your MAC lipglass colours sounds good. I know Lust is a simple nude colour, easy to wear.
            But it might be a little drying to wear gloss alone. Suggest you get a colourless balm and apply before the lipglass.

            for your face, I suggest a little pinky or peachy blusher to your cheeks. Your skin looks good, so you do not have to worry about using thick makeup to cover up. Maybe a tinted moisturiser, pressed powder + blusher + lipbalm + lipgloss is enough as a start.


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              hey girls, just wondering, is it okay to apply those tinted lip balm through out the day even when i sleep? because afterall the lip balm does contain some coloring in it, and im afraid in long run, it might stain the lips.


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                i have the same sentiments too. i occasionally wear my disney tlc at home but as to wearing to slp...not yet


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                  hee ^^ i'll see what i can find and try it out. =) i'll post up a new picture when i do

                  probably today, =) my brother's girlfriend's coming over


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                    hey... i think another suggestion is you get a pair of contact lens... cause i feel that your glasses cover and hide your eye makeup when you take pictures. you've got nice lashes... don't waste! and i think your brother's gf should be good in giving you recommendations...


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                      Just a quick qn, what camera are you using? Cos your eye make up looks really pretty and clear.


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                        Originally posted by Jewel
                        Just a quick qn, what camera are you using? Cos your eye make up looks really pretty and clear.
                        im using panasonic DMC-FX1; LUMIX digital camera when i use this camera i actually have to zoom it to the max into the distance zoom [much better focus and details]. =) then i move back slightly and try to take a picture of my eye. it also has a optical image stablizer made for shakey hands.

                        if you're thinking of getting a camera, look for cameras'with leica lens; a tad more expensive but it takes better pictures.

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                          Originally posted by tingkle
                          hey... i think another suggestion is you get a pair of contact lens... cause i feel that your glasses cover and hide your eye makeup when you take pictures. you've got nice lashes... don't waste!
                          haha Xp i do have contacts, it's just that they're the wrong prescription.. i need to get my eyes checked again to get new ones.. >_< 20 more days.. gahhh

                          oh that brings up something too.. im going to need glasses anyways, so what kind of frame should i get? square ones? round ones? oval ones? squarish oval? etcetc.. >_<


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                            wahh...i wish my brother would go get a gf now!!

                            you look more polished with the makeup on - more defined, your brother's gf sure has great makeup skills. ask her to set up an a/c & post her FOTD pics too!!

                            i wear glasses too & find that its better when applying eyeshadow cos with contacts my eye shape actually changes! ohh...i have big, wide fat cheeks so i wear a reactangle shape frame...slighty oval shapes would make your face wider.



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                              there's an image consultant who came to give a talk at my school before telling us that you cannot repeat the shapes on your body. Meaning if you have round face you cannot wear round glasses cause it will make you appear even rounder. Like for people with square jaws, you cannot wear square earrings or glasses too... i can't really see your face shape from the pictures because of the angle you took the photos. but hope this is useful for you.