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Toujours La Vie Antiaging Daily Skin Care Treatment

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  • Toujours La Vie Antiaging Daily Skin Care Treatment

    Has anyone tried Toujours La Vie Daily Antiaging Skin Care Treatment? Please share your experience here!

    The basic set comes in a set of 5 items (listed below). Ingredients are very good. The formulation is like many of the latest, state-of-the-art pharmaceuticals, are chirally correct, meaning they contain molecules that spin in the appropriate direction. This enables the ingredients to fit with the skin?s receptors for ultimate effectiveness. Visible results can be achieved safely and effectively.

    #1 Revive ? Morning Cleanser (Morning Step 1)
    30 ml (1 oz)
    Begin your day with a vigorous anti-aging formulation. This minty lotion is the perfect wake-up cleanser that decongests pores, deeply cleans, and exfoliates dead cells with non-chemically buffered 8% L-lactic acid. While keeping your skin soft and smooth, this silky formula strengthens cellular membranes and traps harmful free radicals. Unlock the door to truly vibrant skin with this luxurious morning cleanser.

    Distilled water, cocamidopropyl hydroxysultaine, disodium laureth-sulfosuccinate, shea butter, glycerin, L-lactic acid, yucca saponins extract, D-beta-glucosamine, spin trap, beet extract, essential oils.

    #2 Refresh ? Detoxifying Toner (Morning and Evening Step 2)
    50 ml (1.66 oz)
    This is the perfect gift for thirsty skin, providing pure moisture and non-drying, antioxidant nourishment. With essential oils designed to enhance your sense of well being, the refreshing mist awakens your skin and tightens pores while preparing the skin to soak up delightful nutrients. In addition to providing a shield from free radical damage and oxidation, this protective formula also guards the skin against external environmental pollutants. Relax, take a deep breath, and enjoy a fresh new outlook on your day with this superior toner.

    Distilled water, witch hazel, glycerin, aloe vera, L-Lactic acid, L-ascorbic acid, citric acid, beta-carotene, uric acid, L-glutathione, grape seed extract, allantoin, essential oils.

    #3 Rebuild ? Serum Protein Complex (Morning Step 3)
    30 ml (1 oz)
    As the jewel of the Toujours line, this moisturizing complex is the most luscious natural skin repair and rejuvenation formula you will encounter. While minimizing irritation and stress from exfoliation and other aging factors, this healing moisturizer protects dermal proteins and renews and softens the skin. Each delightful dab contributes to the building of healthy, supple new cells to make the skin glow with vitality.

    This therapeutic formula quickly rehabilitates the skin from damage by creating a turnover of cells that is ten percent faster than normal. As a result of being stronger and healthier, young skin will maintain its splendid resilience, and maturing skin will look youthful, silky and luminous. Discover the bountiful radiance of your skin with this sublime natural healer.

    Distilled water, sunflower/safflower fatty acids, glycerol stearate, PEG-100 stearate, cetyl alcohol, aloe vera gel, serum protein, almond oil extract, L-alpha lecithin, pumpkin oil, retinyl palmitate, D-alpha tocopherol, aminoguanadine, spin trap, grape seed extract, jasminol.

    #4 Restore ? Betapure Bar (Evening Step 1)
    2 oz
    Give your face a stimulating spring shower and restore a healthy resonance. Filled with chirally correct nutrients, this pure translucent bar is not a soap. Containing a plethora of fortifying and healing properties, this moisturizing cleanser protects multiple layers of your skin with rich antioxidants, while aiding your skin in producing its own moisture. Lather away dirt, oils, and pollutants that accumulate throughout the day, leaving your skin soft and squeaky clean.

    Distilled water, glucose polymers, vegetable oils, glycerides, witch hazel, saponins, D-beta-glucosamine, D-beta-fructan, honey, L-alpha lecithin, aloe vera, D-alpha tocopherol, spin trap, essential oils.

    #5 Refine ? Evening Moisturizer (Evening Step 3)
    30 ml (1 oz)
    Blanket your skin with silky nutrients that promote youth enhancing activities while you sleep. This formulation gently exfoliates dead skin cells with non-chemically buffered 8% L-lactic acid, while it decongests and tightens pores, reducing the visible signs of aging. This pampering formula helps to strengthen the skin by keeping the collagen fibrils from becoming brittle as it sips in moisture throughout the night. As a result of conditioning the epidermal cells, you will awaken with softer, smoother, more resilient skin and reduced fine lines and wrinkles. Treat yourself to luxury with this exotic evening moisturizer.

    Distilled water, milk capilic/capric triglycerides, milk caprilate/capric, cetearyl alcohol, polysorbate 60, PEG 150 stearate, L-lactic acid, shea butter, D-beta-glucosamine, aminoguanidine, essential oils, grape seed extract, jasminol.