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    anyone tried? first i thought its a korean brand, so my bf's sis and i bought it while we were in genting..turns out only available in malaysia ;D but the price is affordable

    my buys

    Cleansing Foam RM15

    Mask RM6.00 each

    Cucumber eye pads RM18.00

    Makeup remover for eyes and lip RM18.00

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    oh! i saw it at genting!! and i really wanted to get the cucumber eyepads... the sheets are printed to look like real cucumber!


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      Ooh, do review on your purchases The makeup remover looks good


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        I saw this shop at Jusco JB, the products look very very similar to TFS/Missha. I thought they just change the name of the brand to cater for M'sia market.


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          can i know how's the elianto products after using? Good? Please review..


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            hey appie, how are the items? reviews?


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              I went KL few months ago and haul a bag of Elianto products home.

              Pearl Wash Off mask

              Reviews: Lightly scented and after washing off, skin feel soft and velvety.

              Pearl Eye Cream

              Reviews: Not much effect but might be due to I constantly sleeping late. A light scent after a while.

              Nail Polish Remover

              Reviews: Good. A small amount is enough to remove single coat of nail polish for about 3-4 nails. With a sweet fruity scent.

              Aloe Vera Eye Pads

              Reviews: Very wet pads. Feels good when put in the freezer for a quick freeze. Not much effect again due to bad sleeping habits.

              Orange Face Pads

              Reviews: Not as wet as the aloe vera pads. Not much effects, I feel.

              Rose sheet mask

              Review: Yet to try. No comments.

              Samples from their whitening series.

              Reviews: Yet to try. No comments.

              So far so good for me. I going to KL again this Wed. Planning to get more Elianto products. Anyone want to ride on my purchase? pm me.


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                And some makeup as well.

                Nail polish

                Eye Shadow Platte

                The inside

                Eye Shadows and a cream blusher

                The end result