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Expensive skincare products may just be ruining your face

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  • Expensive skincare products may just be ruining your face

    Hi, I have to share something with everyone. My skin has always been flawless since young. But during the past three years, i've been using expensive beauty brands like Chanel, Biotherm and Lancome. And for the past three years, my face's terrible. I kept getting breakout after breakout. When one pimple heals, another or two will pop out.

    I thought maybe i should keep to just one brand of skincare. But when i spoke to a veteran makeup artist, he told me maybe my skin is too young for those rich and expensive brands. So, the next day, I went to Watsons and bought a full range of Simple products.

    I've been using it for a month and though my face still has scars from the previous traumas, i no longer have any breakout *touch wood!*. And the entire range (cleanser, toner and moisturiser) only cost me $30!!

    Also, don't assume just because your t-zone is oily and your u-zone is not, you have normal/combination skin. Check with a qualified therapist. I've been using skincare products for normal/combination skin for more than 10 years and the same makeup artist told me i actually have sensitive skin (from the broken capillaries on my cheeks). Gosh!! That was part of the reason i swapped to Simple.

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    I feel for you, iloveshopping. Because breakouts are what women wouldn't want.
    Women are, by nature, cosmetic junkies. Zealous nature.

    Generally, from ur post , I would suggest you have made mistakes on your past skin care regime and taking in unreliable information on the condition of your skin.

    Simple skincare is recommended for young skin though.



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      Hmm... i think so. But i was really getting exasperated. I do my monthly facial and my face was still the same! No matter, i'm just so happy now. Just kinda looking for a product that i can use to slowly remove my scars! Do you have any recommendation? Hehe


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        Just wanna share this...

        We always buy products to cater to our SKIN TYPES... However, we should be basing on the SKIN CONDITIONS instead..

        When an oily skin goes to a dry place, its skins conditions changes to dry-normal.

        when an normal skin goes to a dirty locations with lots of air pollutions, it becomes sensitive.

        So, we should always monitor the skin conditions... and buy products accordingly.... and not becos since young I am oily, now I must be oily.

        HTH, I learn this during my training period.


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          Wow! This is such a good tip! Hmmm... And it makes a lot of sense too! I shall bring up the question to my therapist and see what she says!


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            I agree with what iloveshopping says... Some products are just too rich... and that those expensive products are usually heavily advertised and i guess that's why many might come to believe that the porducts really work miracles...


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              i think Simple products are good too.

              i've just switched to using Simple conditioning eye-makeup remover to remove my makeup and sunblock, and guess what.. my skin started clearing up! previously i've been using various types of cleansing oils and cleansing milks, until i thought of using this on my whole face. and immediately my complexion improved with each use. it doesn't remove waterproof mascara, but this is a really great makeup remover!

              oh, and i cleanse after this with the regulating exfoliating gel wash. both helps to keep my face clear.



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                I used to use expensive products like la mer and la prairie but my skin condition just got worse.

                The simple the product: the better it is.

                Currently, I am using la roche posay. It's affordable and very good. My Korean girlfriend said that it is only sold in dermatologist in Korea. When she came to Sin, she was surprised that the products are available at Guardian. I tried for about 2 months now and I can see that my skin improves a lot.



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                  agree with u...
                  expensive stuff on the skin may not be a good thing, the ingredients are too rich for our skin.
                  i use la mer and i got alot of white heads...
                  so i switched to maple clinic products.


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                    Leafmemories, you had just made me went to buy the eye makeup remover!! Haha! Even a makeup remover could do that?!?!

                    And Shortcake, i didn't know that about La Roche Posay! Wow... okie, but i better not switch again now that all's clear...


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                      : Hi.

                      Simple's eye/face make up remover was highly recommended in a book for sensitized skin.
                      It is recommended as a cheap, economical and effective remover.

                      Go grab it now! haha



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                        I'm not having much luck with Simple's range of skin care. From its cleansers to toners to masks.. Nothing works for me.


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                          huh?can the eye makeup remover be used on the face as well????i thought they only sell eye make up remover and i cant find the face one on their website


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                            I have to use make-up for work and I love using Fancl mild cleansing oil for my sensitive and acne prone skin to remove my make-up.. just two pumps and all gone, including my waterproof mascara. Not oily. After that, I just wash with facial wash to double cleanse. Fast and effective!


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                              namida, they have a cleansing lotion for the face. It's pretty good; mild yet removes makeup effectively. Available at Watsons and Guardian.