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  • Kempt beauty hair salon

    Hey Gals any comment about this salon at Concourse Building. Its called Kempt Beauty Hair Salon... i am interested in their rebonding which cost 88 Bucks onli...

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    Welcome to CC, Sabi. There're some reviews for this salon in two threads. Use the Search function at the top of the page to help you locate relevant posts:


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      Anyone been to Kempt Saloon

      Hi, Anyone tried the rebonding at Kempt Saloon? Any comments?


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        I've done rebonding and colouring at this salon before.. I find that it's not bad for the amount that they charge..


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          do u have e contact no ? n is it til nw stil same price for all hair length ?


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            i just rebonded at KEMPT

            hihi...i just had my hair rebonded at KEMPT..and they are really doing it for $88 for any length! just that its 2 wks within CNY so they charged me an additional $18...which i am fine with IF the lady boss told me about it when I called last thursday to make the appt!!

            the rebond effect is good...very straight and shiny... but of course the process wasn't as good as i had expected.. the lady serving me was quite rough on my hair... (i seriously thot i dropped at least a million and 1 hair yesterday)...the washing and ironing was so painful that i went home with a headache after the rebond... also she tried really hard to sell me the soft rebonding and their other treatment packages...which i kindly turn down in the end... coz i had a bad experience with soft rebonding (it only lasted 2 months) and the treatment package she was trying to promote was an additional $65!! luckily i stick to their normal treatment which was just as good...

            the only thing its, its really cheap and the effect is good... in down times like now, i guess its still acceptable!

            btw, they are no longer in concourse but has moved to the building beside concourse, inside Park Royal Hotel Mall....