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Poppin Green FOTD 06/08/07

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  • Poppin Green FOTD 06/08/07

    Finally "open ceremony" my C-shock Eyepoppin' !!

    Base: Lucky Jade shadestick
    Inner corner: Eyepoppin'
    Middle: Springtime Skipper (Barbie 07)
    Outer corner: Humid
    highlight: Gorgeous Gold
    Liner: Technakohl in Graphblack

    (Mascara applied in this picture: ZA Cutie Curl for Volume)

    ZA Tinted Moisturizer
    MAC Select Moisturecover NC20
    Select Sheer PP NC20
    Cheeks: Fleurry on top of Pinch O Peach , with some Fab (Barbie) for contour (but didn't come out on this photo)
    Lips: VGV lipglass

    Some pictures from my recent trip to Beijing over the weekend:
    A tree in the Forbidden City
    Forbidden City
    The Badaling Great Wall
    Tian Tan (Temple of Heaven)

    Right. Be back in 2 weeks! I miss Singapore! And thank god I can access CC here, so I'm not so lonely after all knowing that you girls are around ~~

    In case any of you misses me I'm now on an internship in Tianjin. Here are some photos:
    The Millenium Clock
    The Qilin outside a temple.
    Goubuli Bao (狗不理包子)- apparently a Tianjin specialty, but it was nothing special after all

    I will be back in mid-July ~~
    And if you want to read about my "adventures" in Tianjin, can go to my Tianjin blog at
    Got these GnG lens from Korea in a BP...
    #4 if I remember correctly. Look so act-cute!

    My Barbie FOTD (not makeover!)

    Eyes (can't really see though): Shimmersand shadestick
    Springtime Skipper e/s (all over lid)
    Humid e/s (outer corner)
    Gorgeous Gold e/s (highlight)

    Cheeks: Fab blush
    Lips: Just lipbalm and clear gloss

    Went to a 21st-birthday party yesternight... theme was Glamour... so dressed up and look totally weird and taitai And my hair just got messy by the time I took this photo.
    I can't help but pout because MAC VGV lipglass just makes my lips look so nice...

    To be exact it's VGV on top of Pink Brown lipliner from TFS
    Yay, my FOTD with me using Pinch O' Peach. I'd say it looks so natural on me it's almost like I didn't put on any blush (maybe it's the lighting too)

    Haven't posted in a long time... anyway share with you all a pouty picture of me taken at New York New York on 23/12/2006

    I got accused of acting-cute. Heh.
    And here's a more serious FOTD... just cut my hair recently (but not much change)

    Lighting makes my makeup looks very natural!
    And need to go do my eyebrows soon... this is terrible

    I name this look Romeo and Juliet because I made use of Fyrinnae's Romeo and Juliet pigments...

    (Pardon my blending skills. )

    No eyeliner this time round, mascara is Maybelline Lash Discovery. Also used a little Red Earth PK091 for shimmers.

    Was bored at Coffee Beans yesterday so I took a picture.


    Had a new haircut today! (Please pardon ugly brows and general paleness due to lighting as well as absence of makeup)

    I feel that this picture does little justice to my hairstyle... I actually like it!

    Update: I was bothered by the pale-looking me in the photo, so I fiddled with Photoshop for a bit and gave myself a virtual makeover...

    Oh man. This is much for fun and addictive than real makeup because of the unlimited undos and unlimited colours in Photoshop Yes, the blusher colour is a little too orange, but at least I get to try blue e/s which I never dared try in real-life!

    Update: Went for a sort-of costume party last night and I dressed up as a doll! (Well, I tried)

    Plastered on too much blush, methinks. And didn't have time to buy fake lashes. And my friends commented that I look like Kelly Osbourne.

    Update: FOTD/EOTD using budget products
    For the face I used Za TM and compact in shade 20, M&S Per Una blusher in shade 15 (got it at a discount! ) and a Red Earth lipgloss onto of Silky Girl lipliner.

    Update: EOTD
    First time playing with pigments!

    (TF Walk This Way as eyeliner)
    Somehow, colour doesn't show up here. It's actually greener and more intense in real-life.


    This is my first FOTD, 3rd time applying MU to go out, so please be gentle with me
    I am a pretty stingy person, so I use budget products!
    (And somehow the lighting in my room just removes all trace of MU on the photo )

    Za tinted moisturizer (#20)
    TBS Ultra Smooth liquid concealer (#3)
    Za pressed powder (#20)
    UGNY blush (B18 V Violet)

    Maybelline Lash discovery (black)
    TFS e/s (#116 smokey purple)
    In2It long wearing eye colour(ED14 Shoo)
    TFS eyeliner pencil (brown)

    Silkygirl lip liner (01 Nude)
    Red Earth lipgloss (BR013)
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    Very natural! Suits you pretty well I would think violet blush will be violet-y but it looks great.


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      I love your eyes and skin! Very nice! (:


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        very good skin!Can't see any pores.... You may want to explore other colours as well, can flaunt your poreless skin


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          so bright-eyed i like the way you 'ended' your outer corner of your eyes

          u look so like your avatar


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            I love budget buys, especially those which are cheap and GOOD!
            You proove that the price of the products doesn't matter The look is very put together and polished =)


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              Very cute! The whole package look is very nice!!


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                Fall colours are always sophisticated. Well done! I feel your brows were done a tad harsh. Maybe it's just me, I beg your pardon, cos I've been told my own brows are usually not distinct enough


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                  very nice!

                  Earthly tones look good on u and ur bright cheery eyes!


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                    Glossie: Yes, I think I have done my brows too harsh, cos plucked brow myself. Am going for professional help soon. Heh~

                    Thanks all for comments!


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                      I love your lip colour.
                      Is silkygirl lip liner good?


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                        Originally posted by miztgral
                        Glossie: Yes, I think I have done my brows too harsh, cos plucked brow myself. Am going for professional help soon. Heh~!
                        I didn't mean the thickness though. If you have naturally thick and bushy brows, they just need to be trimmed. I personally don't fancy too-thin brows. Perhaps you just needn't have to draw on too much with your e/b pencil or powder. HTHs!


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                          Originally posted by Babyluv
                          I love your lip colour.
                          Is silkygirl lip liner good?
                          The lipliner is a tad dry, but since I apply lipbalm first it's all right. It's a twist-retractable sort, so one day I twisted too much out and went too rough a portion broke off
                          I used to colour my entire lips before applying the lipgloss


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                            Updated EOTD!


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                              Updated FOTD 28/6/2006!