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  • Can I check whether angel moist #1 shade is the same as Sana Geisha LP shade? If I'm NC 30, will it be too fair/white for me?


    • Originally posted by Swisscat View Post
      Hi hi, heard one of my stewardess friend saying that her colleague will be securing a contact to ship Majolica Majorca, Aube, Kiss, Integrate and Kate from Tokyo to sell online in Singapore ... not sure when they are starting tho .... So just to share as I just joined Cozycot cos also a make-up lover
      Has your friend started to sell Kiss products in Singapore yet?? Really interested to get a hold of it ...


      • is Kiss available in taiwan??


        • If anybody wants to sell their Angel moist r loose powder. Pls let me know!! Thanks tonnes!!



            this is the angel moist loose powder right? how long can it last for one?it's like only 6g? cos my 25g padalatong powder i use up within like 4 months. 6g will use up in 1 month?

            how about the coverage of angel moist? is it sheer? or do give some coverage?


            • Hi Qian

              Correct, that's moist angel. For me, i use finish it within 20 applications or lesser. Which is why I regret getting only 1.

              The coverage is kinda sheer in my opinion. Gives me a dewy sheer finish. I love it. Very natural.


              • what is the
                -fairy mat uv,
                -fairy bright powders
                use for?

                cause iam a little confused, cause in, they labelled it as fen-bing, which is foundation.
                so are they foundation or blushers?


                • Matte UV is like a Pressed powder i think
                  bright powder is highlighters/blusher


                  • Does anybody knows where can this brand found in Taipei?

                    Seems like a lot of ppl said have but didn indicate which part of taipei has it...


                    • Hi cotters,

                      I am urgently looking for a makeup base, and i am kinda interested in getting the mat chiffon UV whitening base, can any kind souls recommend me a trustworthy blogspot/ online shop that sells kiss cosmetics? Hopefully a seller that dont rise the price til very high one.... hee...

                      PM me the link if you know of any pls......... Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated !!!!!

                      Actually i got find one blogspot selling this makeup base and it's selling at $36.90 ... Is it considered overpriced?

                      Btw does this base clog any of your pores?



                      • I am selling angel moist loose powder 95% left.

                        PM me!


                        • hello,im also looking to purchase this brand from the us.or a site that is us seeking the lip choclat treatment..please let me know if anyone has an idea where to find it.



                          • recently bought some items from KISS.

                            KISS Chocolat collection and the blush in #03 sweet pea. Love the blush, it's super pigmented and as the name suggest, give you a loving sweet look.

                            as usual, have to bow down to the jap for the superb packaging. They really look like real choc, don't they?

                            What i got after removing the chocolat box.

                            What's inside. Yum!

                            Super LOVE the chocolat lipgloss, it's super shiny and glossy and i love the choco taste of it. Excellent!

                            The e/s duo consists of 1 cream an 1 powder, so-so only imo, nothing fantastic imo.


                            • CaramelGirl: i have the same kiss blusher. really very sweet. loving it. the chocolat lipgloss sounds yummy hehe


                              • Anyone knows where to buy KISS in Singapore or Taiwan?Thanks gals!!!