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  • collagen

    hi, there are so many collagen products around these days. has anyone actually taken them over a period of time? which one is really effective, or are they all gimmicks?

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    i still believe that its better to help your body produce colleagen than to take collagen itself unless you are say 40+ yrs or older.

    eating a balanced diet of enough vitamins the famous anti-oxidants AC & E should help your body produce the colleagen it needs - adding to it when your body can still produce colleagen effectively might just spell wastage or worse still trouble - remember the colleagen cancer scare a while ago in Taiwan?

    applying colleagen on the skin supposedly to help with suppleness & even helps with pimples - how it works i am not sure & unless there is some documented concentration of recommended safe or effective use - I think most produces topically only have a low concentration on colleagen. (except ampoules perhaps)


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      Originally posted by skatergirl
      hi, there are so many collagen products around these days. has anyone actually taken them over a period of time? which one is really effective, or are they all gimmicks?
      *** to share...
      I'm trying the Meiji Collagen now... too early to judge the results...
      one fren taking imedeen for 1 year.... her face not much effect, still got alot pimples...
      another one taking intense for 2 months... no effect... she stopped coz her pocket burned...
      one colleague taking sheep placenta for about 2 mths...she said her face itch & redden easily.. not sure is it bcos of the placenta? sounds scary... but all beauty sake ***...


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        I tried Fancl collagen and it gave me pimples within a week .. i stopped and waited for my face to clear before trying again & it was the same .. i threw the pack away.


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          Originally posted by kye
          I tried Fancl collagen and it gave me pimples within a week .. i stopped and waited for my face to clear before trying again & it was the same .. i threw the pack away.
          frankly, i think it's just fancl. i have the same problems with that brand also, it was supposed to be for acne! but it made me very heaty.


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            Any reviews on GNC Taut Collagen Drink? Its my birthday month so i went to GNC to stock up my supplements. I got enough dollar points and so I redeemed the Taut drinks.

            Really can see effect after 2 weeks? (1 box enough for 2 weeks).


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              GNC collagen can see effect in 2 weeks later.. how about Plush?


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                According to my bro who studies bio, it's pretty impossible to make collagen go in by creams. And also near impossible by oral means. Cos collagen is extremely huge molecule, compared to everything else, including skin itself. It probably wouldn't go pass. And if taken orally, cos collagen is such a great nutritional protein molecule, the body would have quickly koped it off (for your heart and muscles). And the skin is always the last to receive anything, more less it only receives wastes and excesses. That's why the saying, beauty is from inside out. If you eat lousily, all the waste shows up on the skin.

                Therefore i agree with vit_c that it's better to build your own system to produce collagen. Don't buy those creams and drinks.

                Probably, the best bet would be marine collagen. Cos it's water soluble. The normal collagen products you see are probably cheap ones from animals. So like my bro says, it's near impossible for these collagen to get into your skin system.


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                  sixtysix to think for so many years i have apply collagen cream though the brand i used was quite good, not sure what kind of collagen or other ingredients is inside though...

                  anyway, the collagen cream i used before was the Istrilene Collagen Enriched Cream (can be found at selected guardians), costs a bomb (should be $100+ iirc) but so far it's the best cream i have ever used in terms of keeping the skin 'bouncy' and keep lines away... can be used on eye area as well...

                  i rem the first time i know abt this cream was when i was 18, i got a col who was 28 at that time and oh my, her skin looks like she's 18, don't even have fine lines at eye area!!! then she say she used this cream for many years so i bought it and try, one jar can last me more than a year, a little goes a long long way, sometimes when i reached home very late (and drunk), i will cleanse and just slap on this cream in a thicker layer and wake up with fresh, smooth and 'bouncy' skin...
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                    I like to know more about this cream

                    Is it oily? To be used in day or/and night? Can be used on eye area?


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                      hey RetroBling, Istrilene really works? I did post on the eye cream thread enquiring about it. Cos I was approached by the SA of Istrilene, who told me that this brand has been around for years, and the eye cream is very good.

                      She told me the eye cream contains liposomes though. Which as far as my Bio goes, can go through fats, thus able to pass through skin. Theoretically, that is.

                      You are getting me excited. I spent 20 min trying to reject the SA, cos I saw that it costs a bomb.


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                        Currently taking AFC Collagen pills for a month nw. Cant say much improvement for my skin (as im not sure improvement is from the pills or my skincare), but i do see my pores and scars shrink/heal faster as what was promised on e packaging.

                        It was relatively cheap, so i dont mind taking it, as it does contain Vit C and shark cartilage as well.

                        For the rest who are taking Collagen supplement / drink, please do take note that, our body does required certain amount of Vit C inorder to absorb Collagen. Read up somewhere on the net. please do your own reading to be sure.


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                          dovespaniel, SixtySix: yes, their SA really hard to 'get rid' of, they always try to make me buy more than i need but so far i have used 2 of their products and they works! let me list down the details in point form, easier to read:

                          (note: i am not using the cream now, only a few years back when i was having slightly oily skin with not much pimples problem)

                          Istrilene Collagen Enriched Cream

                          Cost: $100+ for 50g jar (not more than $150 irrc) and they have a travel size mini jar for around $30 to $40 (can buy this first to try as they don't give samples)

                          Texture: White creamy, however upon application, it 'melt' and become watery and because of this, sometimes it's difficult to spread out so i normally dot on diff parts of face and quickly smooth out

                          Usage: according to SA, should be a pearl size for whole face and i only use it in the night (can't rem if can be used for day time too, i think it should be fine for mornings if your skin is quite dry), should be use after your toner and serum, no need to use moisturizer after that as this is considered a moisturizer too (though i have met SA who say this is a serum so it's up to you to decide if this is moisturizing enough for you)

                          Area safe to use on: whole face including eye area

                          Upon application: due to my oily skin at that time, the immediate effect is in fact abit sticky and remains that way for the whole night but no stickiness in the morning

                          Long term effect: my skin really feels supple and smooth after long term use and i feel it hydrates quite well for my oily skin then, no clog pores, as for lines, as i was quite young at that time so i couldn't spot any benefits on lines but since it plump up the skin quite well (and the living example of my 'line-less' 28 years old col at that time), it should be able to help minimise lines

                          Conclusion: overall, i feel this is a good moisturizer for people who need one that can plump up the skin with normal hydration, i did not continue with it as i went into the 'whitening' craze so i bought whitening moisturizers after that and i feel it will be too 'overload' if you use this + another moisturizer. when my eye area starts to get dry, peeling and itchy from all those rubbing, i like to slap out thicker layer and next morning, eye area is smooth and no more peeling, i do use eye cream on top of this and didn't get oil seeds (sometimes i just skip the eye cream when i'm lazy) BUT do note that the effects need long term to see so i feel it's a good 'Maintenance' product and the people i met who used this only really start to see the 'effects' as they start to get older...

                          Comparing: i compared this to Shisiedo's Multi-Energizing Cream - Shiseido is easier to spread on skin and smells better (don't worry, istrilene smells ok, is a light floral smell), in terms of next morning's effect, both make my skin looks smooth, supple and well-rested, as for texture Shiseido is heavier... didn't use Shiseido long term so can't compare long term effect...

                          well, this is my humble opinion on this product, i hope any cotters who wanna use this will have good results from it it's quite hard to find reviews online for this product, normally i heard it from other people who had used it... and yes, it's quite ex so wait for sales period is better...
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                            char_emma, yes, so far, Vitamin C is the ONLY proven thing to contribute directly to the production of collagen, scientifically. haha, there are lots of things in science that have evidences here and there, but many are not proven in the strict sense.


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                              Thanks retrobling. That was a detailed review
                              Is it available in drugstore like guardian,watsons or its a counter brand? I seem to have not come across this product.

                              The gnc Taut drink has vit c so hope its a good news. It tastes like thick red bull in orange flavour. Not the best tasting "beverage" but its a small bottle anyway.