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    I go to Reds at Bugis & my hairstylist is called Angel Ku. She's tall, pretty & very friendly. Quite fashionable too! Haircuts at Reds cost $35 for short hair. HTH!
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    i just went for a cut at Reds Bugis with my sis my hairstylist was Kelvin, he was really sweet, and he helped me thin out my hair ... however since he crimped it i wouldn't know if it would frizz with so many layers :huh: but i'm so pleased with the level of professionality my sis got hers cut with Angel (stella's rec ! thank you dear) she loves her hair

    good hair day today, definitely!


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      Just had my hair cut at Reds @ Bugis. It was my first visit tho'. The place was pack with customers, most of them doing coloring for their hair and some others did perm and rebonding ... I waited for almost 1hr, before I got my hair wash! after which, I waited again for another 30mins, before I got my hair cut! Finally, Kai, my stylist came over and gave me a brief description of how he's going to cut my hair, and snip snip snip.. there he goes... I've got a spunky short hair... thank goodness it turned out all well, and i it! Kai seems pretty popular among the cusomers. At one end he was doing a perm for a lady, and her perm looks fabulous! hmmm... i guess very much, I'll go back to him again.


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        lizzy, how much did you pay for your haircut?? *tempted*


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          Originally posted by candeecake
          lizzy, how much did you pay for your haircut?? *tempted*
          $40 for re-styling of hair. a lovely angel lend me her VIP card and i got a further 10% discount for it. Let me know if you're interested, the card is still with me.


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            Do you think he can do this hairstyle??

            btw, are we still on for this friday??


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              RAVES for Kelvin from [email protected]!

              I was quite happy after Soft Straight at Supercut in Feb but I started to get sick of it as it grew thicker and longer which made me looked kind of old and weary. I was determine to cut it short with a fringe even though abit heart pain as it was slow(1.5yrs) and paintaking growing out my hair to below bra strip length.

              Reached there about 7.30pm, asked for Angel(heard that she is good with short hair) but she wasn't available, luckily I knew that Kelvin(also a senior hairstylist) was another raved from here so I asked for him. (I was very determine to cut my hair) Heard from Kelvin that normally the shop won't accept any walk-in at that time I came except for request.

              Waited around 15mins for him to finish with his previous customer, meanwhile hair was being washed and blowed dry. Good service. I conversed to him what I want but he suggested that I keep my hair length as my hair is still straight. While cutting my hair, he would explain why he did this and that. He layered my hair, gave me a side swept fringe and viola! I absolutely the look. It is exactly what I want without much shortening. Looks fresh and chic. He taught me how to style my fringe with hair wax. No product pushing at all. And he's the first stylist that adviced me not to color my hair.

              Total damage: $40 - 15% dicount from citibank card = $35.70

              P.S. Kelvin is friendly, tall and has an envious baby smooth complexion.
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                hi Caffeine

                glad to read of your good experience with kelvin at keen to cut a side swept fringe too..what kind of layering did he do for you and does your side swept fringe causes any irritation? do you have a pix? thanks


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                  finally dragged myself for a haircut. went to kelvin at reds bugis for a hair cut - cos my hair was growing out of shape and becoming very thick. thanks to islande for your recommendation sometime back (under topic "where to cut nice fringe")!

                  love the cut he gave me!!! nice layers! oh, a plus point - he's very friendly and easy to talk to, and he listens and cuts as per my request also as my hair is very dry, he advised me to use conditioner, or apply some leave-in hair conditioner after washing. i thought he would recommend me a leave-in conditioner. but he didn't. definitely no hard selling at all. i was impressed.


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                    hey dear, glad to hear you liked you cut from kelvin ! he is such a nice guy righhtt. yep no hard selling. that's another plus point about him. actually i wasn't happy with my straight-across fringe at first but ultimately he did a very good job of thinning out my thick voluminous long hair. it didn't frizz that badly - very flattering cut. also he gave me a lovely sideswept fringe when i wanted to change out of the straight-across bangs.

                    only drawback is the price!! like, $40+ for me.
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                      Hi Islande dearie, maybe you have medium long hair that's why it costs $40+. I remember it to be around the pricing too. For over the shoulder hair length it costs me about $35.


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                        may i know the phone number for bugis reds?


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                          REDS Hairdressing @ Parco Bugis Junction #02-01 Tel: 6337-4343


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                            just got my hair cut by angel ku at bugis reds.very 'loud' kinda hairstyle she gave me.gotten compliments from my friends (except for the boyfriend.hehe).angel gave me ash hi-lights too.which didn't turn out too well though.looks blondish.
                            i love the cut


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                              Kelvin @ REDS

                              Had my haircut by Kelvin @ REDS bugis yesterday after reading the recommendations for long hair stylist in this thread. he's good!

                              he explained how with the 10+ shades of brown in my hair (leftover from past colorings and highlights) i'd be better with a whole head recolor of the current darkest shade of my hair.

                              cut a thick side fringe for me, and thinned out my hair A LOT. kept the length without the hugely troublesome layers.
                              my hair feels like there's a lot of movement and body now. :D

                              throughout the cut, he'd explain what he was doing and what effect he was going to get.