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    Karen, it is out on the website. You have to pick Australia when choosing the countries though and you should be able to see it.

    The SR Limited is the new S & R range whereas the Spencer & Rutherford should be the cheaper Mademoiselle range. They don't use the name Mademoiselle anymore though, so it's just all Spencer & Rutherford now. As for the classic collection, they are all previous models so I'm not sure whether they're actually producing them again or the photos are just there for reference purposes.

    And yes the Spring/Summer collection should currently be on sale in the stores. They also just had one of their bi-annual sale in the head office last week.


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      Originally posted by kare2711
      Ponine, you've got to be kidding. I utterly their Spring collection!
      LOL! Hey seriously i thought their winter collection 2005 is even better!

      I wonder how expensive a bag would cost when they hit SG at the fair though. Maybe it would be just a small collection?

      I remembered S&R came for the same fair last year( or was it the year before) but i was wasn't free to check it out. Anyone went to the previous round before?


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        Anyone checked out the S & R today?

        I am sorely tempted to run down today but i shall be good and wait for tomorrow evening !

        Do comment on the variety and prices?

        and oh...where exactly is it at Raffles City ?

        Boy.. i am so excited.


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          Was told that the bags cost around $500++ on the average. Which is still pretty ex, I think, as compared to what we can get in Aus?


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            Actually, S&R range from about AU$300+ for the smaller bags to AU$600+ for the largest Louisa style bags so SG$500+ is not too bad. Of course it depends on which style it is.

            So yeah RRP for S&R bags in Australia are not cheap. I only buy them during their clearance sale where most bags are under $300.


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              Just saw the range at Raffles City.....sadly they've left nothing interesting. :roll:

              Moreover the prices they are selling are also not cheap......can we actually buy direct from the website? Do they ship to SIN? I want their bags very lovely....
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                Lamb, I'm actually quite surprised they actually sell off the display pieces too.

                Yes, I agree. Not cheap. And I wonder often if it's worth it to buy at retail prices.

                Actually right now, at the fair, if you fancy anything, you can 'order' by looking at the catalogue, and they will send to you from Australia, no extra charges.


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                  You can't buy direct from the S&R website. However you can call up one of the stores in Sydney and see if they will do an international order. I know they ship domestically for phone/fax orders but not sure about international.


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                    Ok I'm weak......was having lunch with my SO and was drawn back to the S & R booth......wanted to order some nicer ones from their brochure but mostly were OOS in Australia and the newer range is not available for order.

                    So I got this in the end......

                    Lemming for this:

                    and this:


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                      Hey, the first one was what I 'played' with the most at the booth!


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                        Haha....then I shall check for fingerprints later!

                        Did you saw this too? I had a tough time deciding the two:

                        For my previous post, I liked the second one......the third one will be bit too long IRL......the pics are quite misleading IMO.....


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                          Was that one display there? I didn't see it. I like that too!


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                            Yes it was displayed there too.....go see it! But I reckon it'll look flat if I didn't put enough things in, cos the body is soft. And I don't usually have a lot of things to bring out. The opening is very small. (Laura Ashley had similiar designs, minus the ribbons for a 1/5 of the price) And my SO says it looks very crumpled.....

                            But it is definately more casual than mine.
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                              littlelambie-> What's the damage??


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                                Not lambie, but the one she bought goes for $529.