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    sorry, pardon me.

    It simply just a harmless remark to say not impressive. tik this is best translation i can think off now. sorry again. made u confused.

    U seen the Chinese lady shoe seller b4? Her stall is directly opposite Venus.
    i want to get heels from her. Now clueless her whereabout.


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      Walk The Dog walked until price dropped to $29.90 at FEP ah!!!


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        my friend sent me the website too! some of the designs are soo cute! but i've given up on covered shoes. they always make my toes hurt like mad.

        another victim of trendy zone's covered shoes! gave me bad blisters at the back..

        side tracking from the discussion of covered shoes, anyone knows where to get nice and comfy strappy sandels? my friend owns this pair from heat wave which i like sooo much.. but it's very old stock and they don't have it in the shops anymore. just wondering where to get nice looking strappy sandels.. need them to go with my 3 quarters bottom and skirts! TIA!


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          another thing.. i quite like shoes from heat wave.. the slippers they have are comfy and affordable... never bought the high and pointed heels before so not too sure about them.. but the flats are definitely comfortable!

          urs have comfy shoes too.. but lately the designs are not my cup of tea.. their leather strappy heels are


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            HEATWAVE is great! Forgot all about it until we chanced upon it in Lucky Plaza. Ended up snapping two pairs of shoes (strappy black stilettos and black pointy 3-inch shoes with a ribbon) for S$55! Lovely shoes, very comfy, and best of all VERY CHEAP!!!