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Gucci @ very low price?

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  • zoan81, can you share with us how you differentiate the originals?


    • i read before that lv stll does authentication, & gucci depending on the sales person, cos some will say tt they do not do authentication..
      as for prada, not that i have read about it...

      acutaly i heard my fren sayin to see if its a authentic gucci, the print is 3d.. dun quite understand though..
      Any cotter can share on how to differ a real lv n gucci.. think this can help us alot..!


      • For those who are keen to read up on how to differentiate real and knockoffs, this link provides resources for several designer labels.

        My poupette is very reputable internationally on ebay to distinguish LV. She has written a book about it. You may purchase the e-version of the book from her website.



        • To add, IMHO, I do not think vernelia is selling authentic gucci purses. I have not been keeping track of what she is selling recently, but when I did in the past, some of ther pictures gave away that the bag is not authentic. I'm not a master at distinguishing real or fakes, but common general knowledge for designer label purses - the mirror image policy, established that her bags are not authentic. Although she claimed she she got it from an agent IIRC, I honestly feel that the house of gucci will not sell to such people when they could display their bags in high-end shopping malls and sell it at a much higher price.

          Moreover, vernelia's Gucci purses are not cheap either. If you are keen to buy parallel imports that look like the real thing, you can slowly do a search on yahoo auctions. There are a handful of sellers who are selling it at a much lower price.

          As for donkeypaws, I am sorry to hear about him/her. A close friend of mine was one of the victims. She bought a purse from him/her and was verified that it is not authentic from a very kind SA at Gucci and several second hand stores. It is not ethical for these sellers to proclaim the purses are authentic when they are not.

          I am writing in a personal POV. No hard feelings for any of the sellers mentioned above.