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    Originally posted by vernis
    Besides smelling, u can light a lighter on the bag body to 'test'.. heee.....
    Smells fantastic.

    For the testing part, er ..can test inside Tangs?


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      hi gals,

      i got my rabeanco bags from bangkok.. in Chatuchak Market.. can you believe it? (sorry , i didnt take down the section number.. but i know how to walk there!!.. )

      the shop's managed by 2 gays.. extremely friendly and pro-customer service.. my bf was lugging many bags of stuff , first thing when we enter their shop, one of them called out to us and gave us a big shopping bag to throw our stuff in it.. !! nice huh?

      they've the whole range of rabeanco bags.. very very nice.. i wish to buy them all!!! but the bags runs out fast as they dont really keep alot of stock to sell to walk-ins. they do wholesale... from what they told us, they do wholesale to our Robinsons here!!

      i bought two bags from them , prices are some what half the price we pay in sg i believe?? i paid average $30 per bag... is it cheap?


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        that's so CHEAP!!!

        even cheaper than the HK supplier!! should have get 99pcs & sell to us ah


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          i wish they had that many stocks on hand.. i even looked through the catalogue , they really have a huge variety. but most of the OOS... but the price of flying all the way there with taxes, jostling in jj market. all the hassle, i would rather buy from robinsons or tangs when they have sale...

          oh i just test the leather with lighter.. it doesn't burn.. genuine leather!!


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            very good deal, i anti-Chatuchak, now u got me

            at this price, they make great gifts.


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              Oh I am going to BKK next month!!

              Err ..but Chatuchak is not small. Can a have a better description at the location of the store?


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                or worse, no direction/indication, equipped with some clear pictures of the bags & ask around.


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                  The least must know which section it is located at??


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                    not the pets & plants portion ah

                    Chiyochan, 2 down.


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                      i got my first Rabeanco earlier on this year and i've been carrying it almost every day coz it suits office right down to the weekends! i am so loving it!

                      every couple of weeks i would sit down and use leather cleaner to give it a bag wipe all over! i've stained it a few times (coz it's cream in colour) but amazingly, my leather cleaner always manage to get the stains out, almost 99% of it!

                      OMG! it's so cheap in BKK!!! let's go raid the stall girls! so cheap so cheap! i could do with a few more! i really think the designs are great and variety is wide to choose from! i want more pls!

                      i heard from the SA at Tangs that rabeanco never goes on sale, even though the dept stores may have sales...


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                        i know how to spot u!!! a creamy Rabeanco plus a signture headband!!!

                        amazing, so their mileage is very very high. worth the dollars spent


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                          vernis darling, very funny...

                          eh i just saw the animation on your avatar!!! that big red fat smoochie!!! hahahahaha!


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                            sorry girls i didnt take down the section number !! ....we got lost and just walked around blindly.. but it's the stretch that sells all the trendy clothes & accessories.. it's opposite stretch is selling all those plants & pots n stuff. hope this helps... :wish:

                            but out of curiosity, how much does a rabeanco bag cost in sg? is it really that cheap in bkk? i honestly never heard about this brand until i stumble upon this thread... quite sua ku.. :Doh:

                            oh bo-peep where you buy your leather cleaner from? how much?
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                              ahhhh!!! cheap cheap cheap!!!

                              catalogue somemore!!!

                              alyssasara, depending on the RABEANCO bag you're interested in, the price range in Singapore is SGD100 - SGD300...

                              your genuine leather purchase at Bangkok is a STEAL!!!


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                                Originally posted by vernis
                                not the pets & plants portion ah

                                Chiyochan, 2 down.
                                Thanks vernis

                                very helpful