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    i'm actually eyeing the shoulder bag with the big ribbon! it's the smaller rectangular one that stretches horizontally rather than the larger vertically longer one. not sure if you know which one i'm talking about... heehee. i like it in purple. but on the other hand, i am wishing to get a pink bag... argh.


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      Erm ... I will go check the bag out when i go shopping tomorrow, meanwhile, if u have the bag, pls post it up!

      So if no purple, get pink?


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        i see if i can secretly snap a picture of the bag...

        yup if no purple, then pink is good too!



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          Bo-peep, the bag u wanted, it's not exactly a ribbon right? I found one that is with 2 thick straps criss-crossing each other in the middle of the bag. Is that the one?

          U wanted the darker purple right? The pink u mentioned, baby pink, fuschia or ..?

          What's your max budget?

          :shout: Wish me luck!


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            oops i think chiyochan has left for bkk....

            anyway that's the one i am eyeing! hope you had a good holiday when you next read this!


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              ****! A big huge disappointment!

              Combed through the entire section of the accesories section in Chatuchak and almost broke both SO and my legs during the process, and can't find the 2 gay bosses.

              What i found is this shop selling FAKE Rabeanco for B700. Gave up hope after that and left Chatuchak immediately after that.

              I found FAKE Rabeanco at MBK also. SA quoted "B1600. For you B1300. Special price." :roll:

              Think we better stick to HK for good price genuine product!


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                hope you had a good trip though the FAKE rabeancos were a disappointment...

                your SO's so patient...


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                  awww... anyway hope you had a good trip still!

                  but did the fakies look real or even nice at all?


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                    Thanks gals had a good trip overall.

                    The fakes look pretty real, though the leather is a softer than the actual. The workmanship for the interior sucks though, too much excess cloth for the lining and the colour used is some ugly yellow ochre.

                    For those still keen, it's somewhere in section 22 second row, near the pots and plants.


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                      Chiyo hope u & yr SO recovered from the aching kegs syndrome.

                      I am sure u enjoyed yourselves in other ways & got many other nice stuff too.

                      Thanks so much for solving the 'mystery', your report is greatly appreciated.


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                        i forgot to update on HK's Rabeanco's supplier. they downsized tremenously. :roll:

                        spotted a shop selling Gap bags there too, same supplier building but only the huge models.

                        later after i come back then i take a look at the site posted.


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                          Hi, does anybody knows whether does the distributor still sells to walk in customers?


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                            Rabeanco products are of good quality and the leather is really nice for the price that I'm paying, I never regret my purchase. I feel strongly that if we don't support authenticity for quality products like these, budding brands of such nature, will they survive?


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                              Rabeanco has moved from basic designs to more 'complicated' stuff, makes me not a fan anymore


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                                vernis, really? i thought they still looked pretty much the same sorta pattern... but 1 thing i don't like about rabeanco bags is that they are already quite heavy in itself... so after putting in stuff, it feels heavier as compared to other bags... i haven't used my rabeanco for such a long time already... waste money!